Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 2015 Show & Tell and Monthly Program

Winners of all the fun drawings we have each month! 
Congratulations ladies !   
Latrelle Locks was taking the group picture above....she was a winner as well ! 
 Ruby Goodwin shows - Bear Paw quilt and Topper hand quilted by her daughter.
 Both were entered in an extension club county show and won 1st in district and will go on to the state fair in September.
Ruby  also shows a purse her daughter made....Ruby's a proud Mom !
 Joy Early shows her first place quilt that was entered in a craft show. 
 Sherri Marshall is happily showing us her FINISHED retreat quilts...
starting with 2012 retreat - Snail Trail
  2013 retreat - Double Pinwheel
 2014 retreat - Red and White Stars, designed by Angela McCorkle 
 Angela McCorkle shows us a "Four Patch Frenzie"
a "Mosaic" quilt, 
and a collage dress form art quilt.
 Jonna Burkes and Miss Chloe are showing "Chloe's Doodles".
 This quilt was made using drawings by Chloe when she was four to six years old. Jonna transferred the pictures to cloth and Chloe hand-embroidered them. 
 LaTrelle Locks shows the 10 Minute block quilt, 
 and her "Mosaic".
 Connie Hart shows a quilt she made for her sister-in-law, 
and a "Triple Irish Chain she made and hand quilted for her son.
 and the back.
 Debra Revay shows her "Tumbler" quilt made for her granddaughter. 
At the end of the meeting, President Lana Webb presented a program on how to
 machine bind your quilts.

August 2015 Block of the Month

Easy “Bug Jar” Quilt Block     from
This type of quilt block is often called a "bug jar," but you can fill it with anything you like. Photo Credit: © Janet Wickell

Fill your jar quilt blocks with bugs, of course, or consider candy, flowers, cookies... any pictorial fabric that suits your needs.
Finished block size: 12" x 12"
Use any background you like. Black is effective for many prints and can make the jar seem to pop out from the fabric, but another color might work better with your quilting fabrics.
12-inch Jar Quilt Block Cutting Chart
Jar Contents
·         one 8-1/2" x 8-1/2" square
Jar Cap
·         one 1-5/8" x 5-1/2" bar
·         Block Top: one 2-1/2" x 12-1/2" bar
·         Block Bottom: one 1-1/4" x 12-1/2" bar
·         Block Sides: two 2-1/2" x 8-1/2" bars
·         Cap Sides: two 1-5/8" x 4" bars
·         Jar Corners: four 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" squares

The corners are sewn to the Bug Jar fabric with the same method we use for quick Snowball quilt blocks. Photo Credit: © Janet Wickell
Sew the Bug Jars
1.      Find your jar square.
2.      Draw a line from one corner to the opposite corner on the reverse side of each small background square.
3.      Align a square in each corner of the block as shown, right sides together. Take care to align raw edges as closely as possible. (See "A")
4.      Stitch a seam directly on each drawn line.
5.      Trim excess edges, leaving about 1/4" past the seam line. (See " B")
6.      Flip the corner patches right side up. Press the seam allowance towards the bug fabric. (See "C")

Assemble the Bug Jar quilt block. Photo Credit: © Janet Wickell
It's Time to Sew the Bug Jar Blocks
Use a 1/4" seam allowance to assemble the quilt block, placing units right sides together for sewing and matching raw edges carefully. Use straight pins to hold patches together if it helps you keep them aligned.
1.      Sew a background side bar to two opposite sides of the bug jar square. Press seam allowances towards the side bars.
2.      Stitch a background cap side to each side of the cap along short edges as shown in the middle row above. Pres seams allowances towards the darker fabric. If you strip pieced the unit, it is already assembled.

See the website 
for adding sashing to make it appear that the jars are on a shelf

Friday, August 28, 2015

August 2015 Meeting Minutes


President Lana Webb called the Brownwood Quilt Guild meeting to order.

August birthdays were recognized:  Happy birthday wishes to Pat Karnes, Sherri Marshall, Mildred Turner, Joy Ivy, and Martha Hackney. 

Twenty-one members were in attendance.

Lana thanked Vickie Mazurek and Sherri Marshall for their outstanding work on the Guild website.

There were no corrections to be made to the Consent Agenda, so the Consent Agenda is accepted as presented.

*  Robin has no report.
*  Lana stated that Mildred Turner's husband, Hilton, is undergoing cancer surgery     in           Dallas at this hour..  Hilton is also Lana's brother.
*  Lana received an e-mail from Daisy Huntsinger.  Daisy fell recently and is not in                  attendance today.

*  Biolanda is almost out of Wee Care blankets.  She turns them over to Mrs, Carter at Brownwood Regional Hospital.  She received a bag from Lana.  Lana also made a walker cover and two NICU hearts and has the directions to share with Guild members to make the walker cover and NICU hearts.  
*  Lana and Mildred recently spent several hours working on the BQG materials and supplies that are stored in the  meeting room's  closet.  Aside the Stash Sale fabrics and goodies, they discovered twelve bolts of fabric, numerous packages of batting, and Wee Care labels that are available for blankets. Guild members are urged to utilize these items for Wee Care projects.
*  A request was made to make adult size bibs.  Judy Tiedemann has an adult bib pattern that she will share. 

*  The story board that Millie made for BQG was broken somehow.  Lana repaired it.
*  BQG now owns a new AccuCutter and dies at a cost of $500.30.  This was paid for out of the penny auction funds.  The AccuCutter is to be available for Guild members to use.
*  Several people are not getting e-mails regarding Guild.  Please make sure that your e-mail is up to date in our records.
*  Budget correction:  $60.00 designated for the Brownwood Quilt Show trailer license tags should be taken from "expenses" and moved to "miscellaneous expenses".    With motion made by Angela McCorkle and seconded by LaTrelle Locks, this was approved by acclimation.
*  The Donation Quilt ticket sales are to begin as soon as a picture of the Quilt is taken.  By unanimous vote, "Toys for Kids" will be the Guild's 2015 - 2016 charity of choice and will receive 10% of any and all ticket sales.
*  The possibilities of displaying the Donation Quilt at the 2015 Brownwood Reunion and at the 2015 Comanche Pow Wow were discussed.  The booth fee for the Reunion is $150.00.  Judy Tiedemann volunteered to man the booth on opening Friday to sell donation tickets if the decision is made to contract for a Reunion booth.  Saturday and Sunday are still open for Guild volunteers. 
*  Connie Hart is going to be displaying and selling her personal quilt creations at the annual Pow Wow in Comanche and has offered to display the Guild Donation Quilt in her booth.  Someone else will have to be responsible for the Guild's Donation Quilt and ticket sales.  The  Pow Wow will be held in Comanche Park on the last weekend of September.
*  re:  Revision of by-laws:  Lana has made a few minor revisions to the current Guild by-laws and has passed out copies of these changes for members to review.  A vote to accept the changes will be made at next month's meeting.
*  Sherri announced that Vida Weehunt is opening a new quilt shop in Early, Texas, scheduled to open by late September.  The shop will be known as "Quilter's Hideout" and will be open for business on Friday afternoons, all day Saturdays, and on Sunday afternoons.  Good luck and best wishes, Vida!
*  Joy Ivy still has an abundance of Penny Auction tickets available.

"Bug Jars" was presented by Becky Martin.  This block should measure 12" x 12".  Hard copies of this block's directions were distributed to members in attendance. 

*  LaTrelle = PATCHWORK QUILTING book.
*  Connie = 3M bag
*  Robin = pillow created by Millie
*  Joy Ivy = sewing machine pad
*  Robin = small bag
*  Biolanda = small sewing bag
*  Connie = sewing pad
*  Sherri = tissue holder   
*  Connie = fat quarters 
*  Connie = July blocks of the month

*  Ruby Goodwin shared "Bear Paw", a hand-quilted quilt and pillow cover crafted by her talented daughter.  The quilt and pillow cover were entered in the Extension Club show and won the First Place blue ribbon.  They will be entered into the 2015 State Fair in September.  She also showed a purse that her daughter crafted.
*  Joy Early shared her unnamed blue ribbon winning small quilt .
*  Sherri Marshall shared her finished Retreat UFOs:
   (1)  2012 retreat's "Snail Trail"
   (2)  2013 retreat's Elanore Burns's "Double Pinwheel"
   (3)  2015 Angela McCorkle's design, "Retreat Stars"
Sherri reminded us that Angelas' annual Retreat will be held August 21, 22, 23.
*  Chloe and Jonna Burkes showcased "Chloe's Doodles".  This quilt was fashioned from original drawings made by Chloe when she was four to six years old.  Jonna transferred the pictures to cloth and Chloe carefully hand-embroidered each of them. 
*  Angela McCorkle shared her "Four Patch Frenzy" quilt, "Moziac" quilt, and "Dress Form Collage" art quilt.
*  LaTrelle Locks showed her "Ten Minute Block" made out of Moda fabric that was given her by a friend. The design is from The Fat Quarter book, followed by her "Moziac" quilt.
*  Connie Hart displayed her reversable machine-pieced and hand-quilted triple Irish chain "Trent and Kristen's Quilt" and "Linda's Quilt".
*  Debra Revay showed "Tumbler Quilt" that she made for her grandbaby.

Since Mildred Turner is with her husband in Dallas for his cancer surgery and couldn't be at today's meeting to conduct the scheduled program, Lana demonstrated the Martelli Zip Binding System in Mildred's place. 

The meeting was then adjourned.  The next Guild meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 15 September 2015.

Respectfully submitted by
Judy Tiedemann, Secretary


Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015 Block of the Month

 July's BOM was presented by President Lana Webb
 18' Twisted Spools

Suggested colors for a scrappy block are, white or off white for the background (template A),  and your choice were Lana has the solid yellow and blue.  

July 2015 Show and Tell

 LaTrelle Locks shared her first collage art quilt. 
Pattern by Laura Heine of Fiberworks in Billings Montana.
 She also brought a collage heart wall hanging Vickie Mazurek gave her for her recent birthday.

 Connie Hart brought a Grandmother's Flower Garden she started 25 or 30 years ago that she hand pieced and hand quilted.. 
 Angela McCorkle brought the "9 Patch Curve" quilt she created for an upcoming quilt retreat she is having August 21-23.
More information about the retreat can be found at her website Quilts With a Heart
Muriel Lamkin made this beautiful star quilt for a niece who  graduated high school this year.
President Lana Webb shared her Starburst Bedspread. 
Lana drew the pattern from a picture she saw on Pinterest.
The next three quilts were made for the Wee Care Quilt project by Sherry Benbow.