Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 2015 Show & Tell

Welcome to new member Connie Hansen ! 
Connie brought a beautiful sample of her embroidery quilting to show in the February Show and Tell, called Feathered Star.
The back of Connie's quilt. Click on the pictures for a closer view. Gorgeous ! 
Cruz's Motorcycles
LaTrelle Locks made this quilt for her grandson Cruz. 
He likes motorcycles and the color orange.
#1 Community Quilt
Connie Hart completed these two quilts started by her husband's grandmother.
Both quilts contain embroidered names of family members. 
#2 Community Quilt
Connie's beautiful Hunter's Star
Greys for Justin 
Millie Schwab made this quilt for her grandson Grey,
 using shades of gray fabrics.
Millie was proud of this t-shirt her husband brought back for her from a business trip he took to Missouri. He stopped by Missouri Star Quilt Co just to get one for her.
Mildred Turner made this cute polar fleece and minky throw.
Sherri Marshall made a Kim Diehl wall hanging called Stars of Glory.
 This is a project she participates in at the First Wednesday Club at Quilts With a Heart 
Jeanie Ortegon made these cute mug rugs out of batik.

February 17, 2015 Meeting

Community Service projects:
The Brownwood Quilter's Guild makes receiving blankets for the local hospital.
These are just a few made by members for donation this month.
Ruby Goodwin is serving as the committee chairman.
Instructions to make these blankets are provided HERE

Nancy Tubb is the Committee Chairman in charge of delivering CPS bags.
Guild members make pillow case bags that are given to the local CPS (Child Protective Service) office for distribution to children taken into custody. Children use the bags for their personal possessions. Instructions for making the pillow case bags are given HERE

Guild Challenges:
Robin Moody, co-Vice President, presented the guild with a challenge last October. Members were instructed to bring any magazine to the November meeting as long as it was not quilt related. In November, we drew numbers out of a basket and were told to turn to that page in our magazines. What ever was on that page was to be the inspiration for a creation of our choice. We could be inspired by the color, the shape or the actual image it's self. Below are some of things created for this fun challenge. 
Donine Fullagar was inspired by color and chose to make a table topper
 which she graciously donated to the Penny Auction.
Becky Martin decorated the lids to plastic ice cream containers which she can now use to store other goodies. She said her project required much research,(ice cream eating)!
Jeanie Ortegon made this beautiful purse using batik fabrics
 inspired by the colors on her magazine page.
LaTrelle Locks whipped up this cute applique wall hanging 
inspired by objects, shapes and colors. 
Robin Moody's inspiration was the log cabin on her page. She called it a Remodeled Cabin
Lana Webb made an owl pin cushion, refrigerator magnets and coasters from the
 colors she found inspiring. Lana donated all of it to the door prize drawings.
Connie Hart was inspired by the colors and movement to make a coffee mug rug. 
She donated it to the door prize drawing.
Millie Schwab is making blocks for a quilt inspired by the dark starry sky in this picture.
Joy Ivy made this table runner using colors from this page.
Vickie Mazurek's inspiration was a rooster on a page in a "Grit" farm magazine.  
Donated to the Penny Auction

A new Challenge for members:
 Eight 1/8th’s Challenge  
Eight fat eighth bundles were made from 8, one yard cuts of fabric donated by
Debby Kratovil to one of the quilt guild members, who decided to pay it forward and share. Anyone who wished to participate in this challenge put their name in the “HAT”. However, only 8 lucky names were drawn. The rules of the challenge are as follows.
You can create anything you want to.
You must use some or all of each fabric in the fat 1/8 bundle.
You will bring your challenge creation project back to the March meeting to be photographed. The pictures will then be sent to Debby Kratovil. Debby will pick her Top 3 challenge choices created out of the fabric she donated. There will not be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd   place, just a top 3. Prizes will be awarded at the May 2015 guild meeting.
Each “Top 3” prize package  includes :
1 Rowenta travel iron
1 fat quarter bundle
1 Warm and Natural batting size 90” x 96”
1 large clear low profile storage bin
1- $25.00 gift certificate which was donated from either, the Fat Quarter Shop, Fort Worth Fabric Studio, or Missouri Star Quilt Co.
1 copy of "Supersize "Em Quilts" by Debby Kratovil
1 copy of Debby's Quilter's Block a Day calendar CD
1 fat quarter donated by Debby

   About Debby Kratovil      

Debby Kratovil was Special Projects Editor with QUILT Magazine for 15 years, with over 600 articles published. In 2006 alone, she saw 54 of her quilts published, with another dozen sewn for major fabric companies. She has seen 25 of her quilts make the cover of quilting magazines, with 9 covers in 2006 alone. As she says, "I sew for the camera, making sure my quilts are very photogenic." She is a popular teacher both locally and nationally, as many happy students will attest.

 Debby authored "Bold, Black & Beautiful Quilts" (AQS, 2004), 8 quilting calendars for Accord/Andrews McMeel Publishing (2006 - 2014), a perpetual Quilter's Block-a-Day Calendar and companion CD by Martingale. Her second book, Supersize "Em Quilts, is filled with 22 projects to appeal to any quilter's discriminating taste. Debby is a prolific quilter, designer, and illustrator. Her most recent book, "Perfect Paper Pieced Points" is a wonderful treasure trove of eye-popping color and design. Best of all, she enjoys every minute of it.
Currently she designs and sews quilts for 3 fabric companies and her quilts appear in a variety of magazines. She loves to travel and teach and working for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo takes her to a dozen cities a year.
Debby takes her wide range of quilting skills from a pile of fabric to a finished quilt, then to creating the patterns and professional illustrations print-ready. Debby likes to say, "I've never met a fabric I didn't like." One of her special talents is making a beautiful quilt using challenging fabric collections. She is on very good terms with her computer and computerized sewing machines, which enables her to take a project from start to finish quickly. 
Check out Debby's blog at

Our thanks go out to Debby Kratovil, Fat Quarter shop, Fort Worth Fabric Studio and Missouri Star Quilt Company for helping to make this challenge happen.                                                          

 Connie Hart was the Fat Quarter winner this month.
 Door prize winners were Nancy Tubb, Mildred Turner, Joy Early, Joy Ivy, 
Sherri Marshall, and LaTrelle Locks.
Penny Auction winners were Joy Ivy, Connie Hart, Millie Schwab, and Sherri Marshall.

February 2015 Program

Doniene Fullagar presented the February program,
 "How to free motion quilt on your domestic machine"
 She started out by showing us how she gets her quilt ready to for FMQ.
She lays the big ones out on her floor, you can use a table or a design wall for smaller quilts. First she tapes the backing to the floor, then sprays it with 505 basting spray, then rolls her batting up and lays that on the backing, smoothing any wrinkles out as she unrolls it. Then she sprays the batting, and spreads her rolled up quilt top over the batting, smoothing out wrinkles as she unrolls it. The 505 basting sprays easily allows you to pull the fabric back up to readjust. She still puts a few safety pins through her quilt sandwich for added stability. 
 Here she shows some design marking techniques.
She has quilted many large quilts by rolling them as you see here starting in the middle and working her way out to each side.
 All her quilts are quilted on this straight stitch machine with the feed dogs down.
Doniene doesn't use quilting gloves, she quilts one block at a time moving up in rows pulling the quilt toward her. 

Everyone enjoyed the program and learned a lot.

Doniene provided a few of the websites she goes to for quilting design inspiration.
Lori Kennedy The Inbox Jaunt
Patsy Thompson Patsy Thompson Designs
and this book by  Harriet Hargrove for traditional quilting designs.

February 2015 BOM

 This month's block of the month is
  The Exploding Block 
 presented by Becky Martin.
It’s a Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern.

 She made the demo block in some fun 1930 reproduction fabrics.
This is a table topper Becky made ....... sew easy, sew quick and sew cute !

Exploding Block---for March 2015
1. Choose 3 coordinating spring fabrics. Use contrasting mediums and lights if you want, whatever looks good to you!  From one, cut a 5-inch square. (I’ll call this the “cut square.”) From each of the other two, cut a 4-inch square.

2. Lay the two 4-inch squares right sides together. Stitch ¼ inch all the way around. You can sew off the ends, or just pivot at the corners.

3. Draw an X from corner to corner on one of the squares. Carefully pull the two fabrics apart and cut along the lines of the X, to the stitching at the corners. (Cut only one of the squares.)

4. Press the block open.

5. Sew the resulting square to the 5-inch cut square, right sides together, ¼ inch all around. Use the edges of the cut square as your sewing guide.

6. Draw an X on the cut square. Again, carefully pull the fabrics apart and cut along the lines of the X, to the stitching at the corners.

7. Press open. The result is a 6 1/2-inch quilt block.

To watch this done, go to Missouri Star Quilt Company

February 2015 Minutes

February 17, 2015 Meeting Minutes
The meeting was called to order by President Joy Ivy.
Roll was called: there were 20 members present, 1 new member- Connie Hansen and 2 visitors.
Roll call question was: Who or what is your quilting inspiration.
Minutes were accepted as written. Motion was made to accept by Sherri Marshall, 2nd by LaTrelle Locks.
Treasure report read by Shelia Smith. Motion  was made to accept by Angela McCorkle, 2nd by Doniene Fullagar.
Standing Committee Reports:
Sunshine:   Robin Moody states that Sherry Benbow is doing well. Card was sent to the Jackson family. Wanda Jackson had cataract surgery on Monday.
Wee Care:  Ruby Goodwin stated she has 25 blanket/quilts to take to the hospital and she has a sack of fabric if anyone would like to make blankets for Wee Care out of it.
CPS:  Nancy Tubb has 25 bags and 1 quilt to deliver.  She also stated they would accept quilts of any size for any age.
Old Business:
1.       We will not be taking the donation quilt to the Hamilton Spring Fling as expected. The spots were filled up before our deposit arrived and the check will be sent back. The guild members were asked about other places to take it to sell tickets. Vickie Mazurek said she would ask about taking it to the Comanche Livestock Auction on a sale day. Sherri Marshall volunteered to go with her if that comes about.  It was discussed and decided the winner of the quilt will be drawn at the April meeting and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Ark Domestic Violence Shelter.
2.       The November Magazine Challenge projects were revealed.  Pictures and descriptions are posted on the guild website.
New Business:
1.       Mildred Turner informed members that Quilt Con is Austin is this weekend.
2.       Vickie Mazurek presented a new quilt guild challenge called the Eight 1/8th’s Challenge.  Eight fat 8th bundles were made up from 8 one yard cuts of fabric donated to Vickie by quilt designer Debby Kratovil. Eight names were drawn to participate. They are Donna Swanger, Connie Hart, Mildred Turner, Wanda Jackson, Jeanie Ortegon, Joy Ivy, Connie Hansen, and Shelia Smith.
3.       BOM was presented by Becky Martin. Becky also brought batik signature blocks for members to sign.

Show and Tell:
1.       Connie Hansen brought her embroidery quilted quilt called Feathered Star.
2.       Connie Hart showed 2 family album quilts she finished that had been started by her husband’s grandmother.
3.        LaTrelle Locks showed a quilt she made for her grandson Cruz, called Cruz’s Motorcycles.
4.       Millie Schwab showed the quilt she made from gray fabrics for her grandson Justin.
5.       Mildred Turner brought a polar fleece and minky throw to show. 
6.        Sherri Marshall showed a Kim Diehl wall hanging she made from a pattern she got by going to the First Wednesday Club at Angela McCorkle’s.
7.        Jeanie Ortegon showed some pot holders she made from fabric left over from her Magazine Challenge.
1.       Fat quarters: won by Connie Hart
2.       BOM: won by Millie Schwab
3.       Penny Auction Winners:  Connie Hart, Millie Schwab, Sherri Marshall and Joy Ivy.
4.       Door Prize winners: Nancy Tubb, Mildred Turner, LaTrelle Locks, Sherri Marshall, Joy Ivy and Joy Early
The meeting adjourned for a program presented by Doniene Fullagar “How to Free Motion Quilt on a Domestic Sewing Machine”.
Respectfully submitted by Vickie Mazurek, Secretary

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January Program

The January program was presented by Angela McCorkle of Quilts With a Heart
She presented a trunk show and a specialty ruler demonstration.
She showed her fellow guild members how to use the Quick Curve Ruler 
 Her ruler demonstrations are for the newest specialty rulers that hit the market.  

Angela's programs are always entertaining and informative.  

 These are a few beautiful examples she made using the Quick Curve Ruler.

If you would like to have Angela present a program for your guild, you can contact her HERE