Friday, October 30, 2009

September Minutes

September 15, 2009


Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Bethany Bletsch, President.

Roll was called. Visitors included Wanda Jackson and Ann Tucker. Wanda Jackson joined the guild at the conclusion of the meeting.

Meeting minutes from the August 21, 2009 meeting were previously e-mailed to members for review. LaTrelle Locks made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Pat Murph seconded the motion, motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was previously emailed to members for review. Marilyn DeHay made the motion to accept the report as presented. Lynn Patrick & Ruby Goodwin seconded the motion, motion carried.


1. Audit Report. Benita Pipes was absent and no additional information was available concerning this issue.

2. Block of the Month Exchange. The Block of the Month exchange program report was presented by Bethany Bletsch in the absence of Nancy Tubb. To show our appreciation to Nancy for her work on this exchange, Tricia Emery challenged the members to do the blocks each month. Lynn Patrick expressed her appreciation to Nancy for her assistance in helping her prepare her monthly block after the last meeting.

3. Charm Square Exchange. Norma Bessent is the chairperson for this project. There is an extra green square packet left over. If you did not get your squares, please contact Norma.

4. Greeter Report. Lynn Patrick is our greeter. Nothing to report.

5. Program Activity. Joyce Kelley announced that next month’s program will be presented by Theresa Feagley entitled Aprons, Vintage & Modern.

6. Quilt Show Report. A show update was provided by Angela McCorkle. Vendor letters will be sent out today. Volunteers were requested for a committee to assist in selecting approved vendors for the show. Norma Bessent, LaTrelle Locks and Roberta McShan volunteer for this committee.
Sub-committee chairs were filled at this meeting. The committees and chairs are as follows:
a. Ribbons – Millie Schwab
b. Vendor Food – Marilynn DeHay
c. Entry/Program – Sherri Marshall
d. Stash Booth – Linda Brown
e. Project Booth – Bethany Bletsch
f. Door Prizes/Goodie Basket – Connie Sliger
g. Raffle Quilt for 2010 – Joyce Kelley
h. Raffle Quilt for 2011- Sherri Marshall
i. Vendor Goodie Bags – Doris Rice

7. Sunshine Report was presented by Sherry Benbow. Peggy Gamblin still experiencing problems. Barbara Spinks is down in her back and her husband is also ill. Peggy Gamblin is on Facebook for those who would like to keep in touch with her through that method.

8. Strip Exchange. Barbara Spinks is the chairperson for this project. She is absent today and no report is available. Ruby Goodwin will pick up the strips for her.

9. CPS Project. Jeanie Ortegon is the chairperson for this project. Jeanie was not present but a brief report was submitted by Bethany. Jeanie met with CPS and toured their facility. Currently, they are good on pillowcases.

10. Wee Care Project. Bethany Bletsch presented this report. Joy Ivy delivered 21 quilts/receiving blankets last month. Received two receiving blankets and one quilt. Pattie Sage donated three panels for the project. Linda Brown and Pat Murph took them to finish. Bethany received an invitation to attend the hospital’s 40th Anniversary celebration and attended said event. Staff members she spoke with were very appreciative of our efforts in this area.


1. The officers are still working on the by-laws, nothing compiled at this point to present for review. This revision will be postponed until a determination concerning the evening group is decided.

2. The Star of Texas Retreat date is 10-6-09. Some opening still available. The cost is $20.00 and fees must be received today.


1. Website. Bethany has been in contact with Charles Musgrove, a local web page designer and server host concerning hosting our website. We have not had a site since June. Discussion followed. The cost for him to set up and maintain our site is as follows:
a. Domain name which would be changed to, - $14.99 annually
b. Hosting fee - $50.00 annually.
c. Fee for Charlie, $35.00 per hour. Initial set up approximately $265.00
Lynn Patrick made a motion to use Charlie Musgrove for website maintenance at the fees outlined above, Joyce Kelley seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Doris Rice will prepare the 2009-10 fat quarter color list. October 09 will be baby colors, November will be Christmas and a new list will be made available in December that will run from January through November.


Millie Schwab – Sea Turtle quilt for RV friend, T-shirt from Eleanor Burns store in California purchased by her husband while on a trip.
Doris Rice – Day and Night quilt – Black/White & Yellow
Doris Rice – Eleanor Burns Pioneer Sampler quilt in non-traditional color way
Patsy O – Granddaughter’s first quilt made from clothing scraps.
Patsy O – 30’s Mystery Quilt
Stella Burns – Purse from jeans
Pat Murph – Thread catcher for Latrelle Granddaughter
Alice Young – Placemats for friend getting married.
Bethany Bletsch - Purse


The fat quarter drawing was won by Mildred Turner. The color for October is baby colors.

The block drawing was won by Norma Bessent.

The program today is presented by Angela McCorkle, Day & Night Trunk Show.


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