Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Minutes

October 20 15, 2009


Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Bethany Bletsch, President.

Roll was called. Visitors included Ann Tucker and program presenters, Theresa Feagley and Betty Stoker.

Meeting minutes from the September 15, 2009 meeting were previously e-mailed to members for review. Latrelle Locks made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Lynn Patrick seconded the motion, motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was previously emailed to members for review. Ruby Goodwin made the motion to accept the report as presented. Nancy Tubb seconded the motion, motion carried.


1. Audit Report. Report presented by Benita Pipes. The Executive Committee has still not met regarding the report submitted. Hopefully everyone schedule will work out so that the committee can meet and finalize this report before the next meeting.

2. Block of the Month Exchange. Report presented by Nancy Tubb. The paper pieced Christmas package is this month’s block, next month’s block is the hearts. If you need copies, additional copies are available.

3. Charm Square Exchange. Report presented by Norma Bessent. This months squares were yellow, next month’s color is purple. No exchange for December. January colors will be Christmas.

4. Greeter Report. Lynn Patrick is our greeter. Nothing to report. Bethany expressed her appreciation to Lynn and Tricia for the assistance in setting up the room for the meeting.

5. Program Activity. This month’s program is Aprons, Vintage and Modern presented by Theresa Feagley. Next month’s program will be presented by Mae Shaw from the Flying Needle in Stephenville.

6. Quilt Show Report. A show update was provided by Angela McCorkle. Vendor applications have been received. The vendor committee will be meeting to review the applications and select the vendors in the next few weeks. Still searching for a workshop/lecture person for the show.
The donation quilt is ready to be quilted and was shown to members today. Anticipate taking the quilt to area guild/group meetings to sell tickets and promote the show.
The sub-committees and chairs are as follows:
a. Ribbons – Millie Schwab
b. Vendor Food – Marilynn DeHay
c. Entry/Program – Sherri Marshall
d. Stash Booth – Linda Brown
e. Project Booth – Bethany Bletsch
f. Door Prizes/Goodie Basket – Connie Sliger
g. Raffle Quilt for 2010 – Joyce Kelley
h. Raffle Quilt for 2011- Sherri Marshall
i. Vendor Goodie Bags – Doris Rice

7. Sunshine Report was presented by Sherry Benbow. Cards sent to Joyce Kelley who had hip replacement surgery, Mickie Wooldridge who has a blood clot, Jeanie Ortegon who has been ill. Peggy Gamlin is still recuperating and Marilyn DeHay is sick with the flu.

8. Strip Exchange. Due to the health problems being experienced by Barbara Spinks, Ruby Goodwin is going to take over as the chairperson for this project. All the strips accumulated as of this date have been coordinated and distributed and this project is back on track. Next month’s color is purple.

9. CPS Project. Jeanie Ortegon presented this report. Jeanie met with CPS personnel who expressed their appreciation to the guild for the contributions. She toured the facility which is very nice. Officials indicated that they were good for now on their supply of pillowcases but would contact us when they start to run low.

10. Wee Care Project. Bethany Bletsch presented this report. New quilts/blankets received: Barbara Leonard – 1, Joann 3. Still have some panels to be completed if someone wants to take them. Cooler weather coming and may be in more need of quilts.


1. The officers are still working on the by-laws, nothing compiled at this point to present for review. This revision will be postponed until a determination concerning the evening group is decided.

2. Ruby Goodwin mailed 16 patriotic pillowcases to the Veteran’s hospital. This concludes this community service program.

3. A thank you note was received by the First Christian Church for our monetary donation to them after their burglary.

4. The Star of Texas Retreat was great fun. The food was delicious and it was fun to get together with members and sew and visit. Would like to do this again in the future.

5. Website not quite ready, just about ready to receive the training on how to update. Hopefully by next month it will be on line.

6. We have received notice that the majority of the evening members will not be present for the meeting, therefore, the evening meeting has been cancelled.


Joy Ivy was on the front page of the Brownwood Bulleting for her work with the Woman’s Club and HPU homecoming activities.

Discussed the trip to the Houston Quilt show. There were two quilts in the show that the patterns were designed by Jonna Burkes. Discussion ensued about requirements for entering a quilt in the Houston show. Millie Schwabb indicated that she would research this issue for more information.

The Goldthwaite Quilt Show was this past weekend. Angela McCorkle won a third place ribbon in the Contemporary Division for her Seeing Lone Stars quilt.

The Guild Christmas party will be on our normal meeting date on December 15, 2009. A planning committee was established consisting of Nancy Tubb, Bethany Bletsch, Ruby Goodwin and Angela McCorkle. This committee will plan the party, the food and the gift exchange and will report back at the next meeting.


Serendipity – design by Jonna Burkes, quilt by Stella Burns
Table Runner – Angela McCorkle
Table Runner – Lynn Patrick
Shooting Stars – Pat Murph
Benita Pipes presented a report on her trip to China and show a frame piece of needlework art that she purchased there.
Seasonal Block of the Month – Benita Pipes
Frog quilt – Latrelle Locks
Shooting Stars – Latrelle Locks
Baby Quilt with lady bugs - Sherry Benbow
Fun and Done – Sherri Marshall
48 trifolds for granddaughters drill team – Joy Ivy
Pieced Sunbonnet Sue – Millie Schwabb
Cat Quilt – Millie Schwabb
All About Color Quilt – Millie Schwabb
Chicken Quilt – Millie Schwabb
Sweatshirts – Betty Stoker (visitor)
Potato Bead jewelry – Betty Stoker (visitor)
Quilt by Grandmother – Patsy O.


The fat quarter drawing was won by Benita Pipes. The color for November is Christmas.

The block drawing was won by Latrelle Locks.

The program today is presented by Theresa Feagley, Aprons – Vintage and Modern.


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