Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010


Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Bethany Bletsch, President.

Roll was called. Visitors included Alice Ernest, Judy Newall and Pauline McBride.

Meeting minutes from the December 15, 2009 meeting were previously e-mailed to members for review. Nancy Tubb made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Doris Rice seconded the motion, motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was previously emailed to members for review. Pat Murph made the motion to accept the report as presented. Joy Ivy seconded the motion, motion carried.


1. Program Activity. This month’s program is Freezer Paper Appliqué presented by Alice Ernest from Granbury. Next month’s program will be the Brown Bag Challenge. Everyone is to bring a brown bag containing three coordinating fabrics at least a fat quarter (18x22) in size. You may add more if you choose, but a minimum of the above. Put your name on the outside of the brown bag, seal the top. We will exchange these at the meeting. Those participating will have until the April meeting to bring back a completed project and return the project to the owner of the brown bag. Examples of projects: Aprons, placemats, tote bags, table runners, wall hangings, center medallion, etc. Secret Sister reveal and Valentine’s luncheon will also be part of the program next month.

2. Quilt Show Report. A show update was provided by Angela McCorkle.
a. Discussed workshop issues. After discussion Sherri Marshall made the motion that we continue with having a workshop and Hand Appliqué by Machine to be taught by Angela McCorkle will be the workshop for 2010. Tricia Emery seconded the motion, motion carried. The workshop will be from 8:30 until noon on Saturday and Sunday.
b. Joyce Kelley presented an update concerning the donation quilt. She also discussed making a portion of the proceeds payable to the Ark in the form of supplies for clients. Angela McCorkle made the motion to donate 10% of the proceeds to the Ark in the form of supplies, Linda Brown seconded the motion, motion carried.
c. Chamber requests for funding have been submitted. Have not received confirmation from them as to how much we will be receiving this year.
d. Due to the dissolution of the evening meeting, it is possible that we will need another person to be in charge of the door prizes if the current committee chair doesn’t elect to continue in that capacity. Nancy Tubb volunteered for this committee in the event that Connie Sliger declines.
The sub-committees and chairs are as follows:
a. Ribbons – Millie Schwab
b. Vendor Food – Marilynn DeHay
c. Entry/Program – Sherri Marshall
d. Stash Booth – Linda Brown
e. Project Booth – Bethany Bletsch
f. Door Prizes/Goodie Basket – Nancy Tubb
g. Raffle Quilt for 2010 – Joyce Kelley
h. Raffle Quilt for 2011- Sherri Marshall
i. Vendor Goodie Bags – Doris Rice

3. Wee Care Project. Bethany Bletsch presented this report. For 2009 the guild donated 51 receiving blankets and 35 quilts to the hospital. Today we received one from Benita, one quilt and two receiving blankets from Joan; one receiving blanket from Linda Brown, and two quilts from Joy Ivy.


1. The officers are still working on the by-laws, nothing compiled at this point to present for review. This revision will be postponed until a determination concerning the evening group is decided.

2. The guild website is up and running!!!! To view it go to www.brownwoodquiltersguild.org .

3. Discussed evening group continuation. It was the opinion of most members that this group was started because there was no other alternative for the working quilters to get together as a group. Since the split, there is now another alternative for working quilters. Also, since this group has not grown in numbers since the split, the need to continue is not urgent. Benita Pipes made the motion to dissolve the evening group, Nancy Tubb seconded the motion, motion carried.


1. Beginning at the February meeting, there will be a sign up sheet for Show and Tell. If you have something, sign up at the beginning of the meeting with your name and the name of your project you are showing. This will help the flow of this portion of the meeting and allow Benita to have a list of show and tell for updating the website with pictures.

2. The Dallas Quilt Show is March 12-14. The Goldthwaite Courthouse Steps quilters will be chartering a bus on March 12. Information concerning departure times and costs are available at the head table. Be sure to pick it up if you are interested in attending.

3. February 5th and 6th, the Fabric Barn will be having a half price sale. She is closing and is trying sell off her inventory. She opens at 10:00 a.m.

4. Benita Pipes presented a report on the Toys for Kids program. She volunteered her time as an “elf” this year and was impressed by their organization and feels much better about this group making a monetary donation to them.


1. Sweet Sugar Swirls – Millie Schwab
2. Sweatshirt Jacket & vintage vest – Tricia Emery
3. Starry Night – Pauline McBride
4. Birds In the Garden – Stella Burns
5. Yo-yo Quilt – Doris Rice
6. Oh My Stars – Doris Rice
7. Raspberry Truffles – Doris Rice
8. Panel Quilt – Joyce Kelley
9. Baby Quilt – Angela McCorkle


The fat quarter drawing was won by Alice Young. The color for February is green.

The block drawing was won by Joyce Kelley.

The program today is presented by Alice Ernest from Granbury – Freezer paper appliqué.


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