Monday, March 1, 2010

March 16, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Bethany Bletsch, President.

Roll was called. Visitors included Jackie Campbell, Judy Tiedeman and Camron Bills.

Meeting minutes from the February 16, 2010 meeting were previously e-mailed to members for review. Joy Ivy made the motion to accept the minutes as presented, Joy Early seconded the motion, motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was previously emailed to members for review. Barbara Spinks made the motion to accept the report as presented. Doris Rice seconded the motion, motion carried.


1.Quilt Show Report. A show update was provided by Angela McCorkle.

a.Joyce Kelley presented an update concerning the donation quilt. The quilt will be taken to the Rattlesnake Roundup this weekend and sign up sheets for working were made available for volunteers

b.Received confirmation from the Early Chamber that they will not assist us in this endeavor. However, should we decide to do a show at the mall, they would be interested in assisting up.

c.Reminder to members about bringing articles for the Stash Sale

d.Ribbons that have been finished by Millie Schwab were made available for members to see.

e.Discussed the option of having a judge select the Best of Show Quilt. It was determined that insufficient time was available to have a judge for this year and that the show was already being advertised as a viewers choice. This issue will be revisited after this year’s quilt show.

f.Members were reminded to sign up for their quilt show t-shirts.
The sub-committees and chairs are as follows:

a.Ribbons – Millie Schwab
b.Vendor Food – Marilynn DeHay
c.Entry/Program – Sherri Marshall
d.Stash Booth – Linda Brown
e.Project Booth – Bethany Bletsch
f.Door Prizes/Goodie Basket – Nancy Tubb
g.Raffle Quilt for 2010 – Joyce Kelley
h.Raffle Quilt for 2011- Sherri Marshall
i.Vendor Goodie Bags – Doris Rice

3.Sunshine Report – Get well cards were sent to Pat Murph and Mildred Turner. A thank you card from Pat Murph was read.

4. Wee Care Project. Nothing new to report

5.Strip/Charm Exchange – Last month we tabled the decision to continue or discontinue the Strip/Charm exchange programs. This issue was discussed. At this time it was determine to discontinue this program. Will revisit again at a later time if more members become interested.


1.The Executive Committee has met and prepared a rough draft of the new by-laws. The committee will be sending these out in the next few weeks for guild review and preparation for discussion/approval at the April meeting.

2.Discussed establishing a committee to set rates for website advertising. Volunteers were requested. Doris Rice and Angela McCorkle volunteered to chair this committee.

1.Announcement was made of guild members “In the News” as follows – Joy Early is an officer of the Texas Education Extension club; Angela McCorkle has been appointed to the Tourism Board for the Brownwood Chamber of Commerce.

2.The TEEA is hosting its annual spud sale on 3-30. Need to call by 3-23 to order potatoes. The numbers are 325-646-7410 or 646-0386.

3.Jonna Burkes announced that she will be remaining after the guild meeting to assist any member who would like additional instruction for needle turn appliqué.

1.Millie Schwab – casserole tote, Christmas tree napkin and blocks
2.Cameron Bills – Tote and apron
3.Joy Ivy – Jacket from sweatshirt
4.Lynn Patrick – Table Runner – Lover’s Knot
5.Tricia Emery – Sewing Box
6.Doris Rice – Texas Sampler
7.Angela McCorkle – Workshop project – Carnations Anyone?
8.Bethany Bletsch – Table runner made by Patsy O., quilts for cousin’s daughters having babies.


The fat quarter drawing was won by Sherri Marshall. The color for April is Spring floral print.

The block drawing was won by Bethany Bletsch.

Door prizes were made available by Jackie Campbell and Julia Keeter and the winners are as follows:
Karen Reed
Becky Martin
Sherry Benbow
Judy Tiedeman
Angela McCorkle
Theresa Reed
Mickie Wooldridge

The program today is the presented by Julia Keeter from Throckmorton, Texas.


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