Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aprl 20, 2010 Minutes

April 20, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Bethany Bletsch, President.
Roll was called. No visitors were present.
Meeting minutes from the March 16,2010 meeting were previously e-mailed to
members for review. Latrelle Locks made the motion to accept the minutes with the
correction that the correction that the by-laws committee met, not executive board, Miilie
Schwabb seconded the motion, motion carried.
Treasurer's report was previously emailed to members for review. Jeannie
Ortegon made the motion to accept the report as presented. LaTrelle Locks seconded the
motion, motion carried.

1. Quilt Show Report. A show update was provided by Angela McCorkle.
a. Sign Up Sheets were made available for members to volunteer for the various
areas to work at the quilt show.
b. New T-shirts were available and distributed to members who previously
ordered them.
c. Discussed the purchase of dark sheets to hang on the display racks for the
shorter/smaller quilts. Sherry Benbow made the motion to purchase, La'Irelle
Locks seconded, motion carried.
d. Discussed setting aside funds from each quilt show to replace racks. This
issue was tabled to be discussed at a later meeting.
e. Discussed how the viewer's choice ballots are counted. It was determined
that the method used in previous years would continue.
f Volunteers to count monies received at quilt show was requested. Sherri
Marshall and Doris Rice volunteered.
g. Due to the passing of Linda Brown, Benita Pipes will take over the Stash
Booth for this year's show. Donations to the booths are to continue to be
handled in the same manner as previous years.
h. Due to extenuating circumstances, Marilynn DeHay will be unable to provide
the food for the Vendor Concessions. Joy Early, Pam McGhee and Bertha
Hall have agreed to assume these responsibilities.
1. Requested a volunteer to head the committee for the 2012 donation quilt. No
volunteers received at this time.
The sub-committees and chairs are as follows:
a. Ribbons - Millie Schwab
b. Vendor Food - Joy EarlylPam McGheelBertha Hall
.c. Entry/Program - Sherri Marshall
d. Stash Booth - Benita Pipes
e. Project Booth - Bethany Bletsch
f. Door Prizes/Goodie Basket - Nancy Tubb
g. Raffie Quilt for 2010 - Joyce Kelley
h. Raffle Quilt for 2011- Sherri Marshall
1. Vendor Goodie Bags - Doris Rice
3. Sunshine Report - Sympathy card was sent to the family of Linda Brown. A
spray of flowers was sent to the service on behalf of the guild. It was
determined that the Charity Change collected today would be used to go
toward this purpose.
4. Wee Care Project. One new quilt was received today.
5. Program Report. Report was presented by Joyce Kelley. After the meeting
in May we will be staying after to construct the blocks for the Mystery Quilt
program in June. Those that want to stay and work on these blocks will get
their name in the drawing in addition to having their name in the drawing for
being paid members.
6. Strips/Charm Exchange. The final strips and charms will be available at the
next meeting.
7. CPS Report. Report was presented by Jeannie Ortegon. She took a bag of
sample/trial size shampoos, conditioner, lotions, etc. that you receive from
hotels to CPS for use in their rainbow room. A thank you note from CPS was
received for this donation. A list of items needed for the rainbow room was
published in the paper. Jeannie will get a copy of this list and provide it to the
appropriate website person to add to our site.


1. The Executive Committee has met and prepared a rough draft of the new bylaws.
A draft of the revised by-laws has been previously emailed to
members. Discussion followed concerning revisions to the by-laws. After
lengthy discussion, it was determined that the committee will reconvene,
revise this draft to reflect the guild's comments/suggestions during this
meeting and present a revision to the guild prior to next month's meeting to be
reviewed. Additional members were added to this committee, they were
Nancy Tubbs and Doris Rice.

2. Website Advertising - No report is available at this time.


1. There is a new quilt shop in Cypress. There is also a new quilt shop in Marble
Falls called The 9-Patch.
2. Volunteers for the Nominating Committee were requested. They are as follows:
Sherri Marshall, LaTrelle Locks, and Doris Rice.
3. Dues for 2010-11 will be due atthe May meeting.


1. Latrelle Locks - Deer WaUhanging, Blush quilt, Shirt
2. Mildred Turner - Take 5 Guild Quilt from 2009, Praire Paisley guild quilt
from 2008 .
3. Jonna Burkes - Shade Garden
4. Doris Rice - Mystery Stars
5. Judy Tiedeman - Baby Quilt, The Grandmother quilt
6. Sherri Marshall- Carolina Lilly
7. Patsy Oehrlein - Granddaughter's quilt.


The fat quarter drawing was won by Tricia Emery. The color for June is
red/white & blue.
The block drawing was won by Lynn Patrick.

The program today was the exchange of the completed brown bag challenge


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