Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 2010 Show and Tell

Joyce Kelley - It Seams a Mystery #1

Joyce Kelley - quilt label with the story by Lori Shelton

Mildred Turner - Cowboy Take 5

Tricia Emery - Horned Toad block

Lynn Patrick - Horned Toad block

Jonna Burkes - Scissor keepers

Benita Pipes - Fall Pumpkin Quilt

Benita Pipes - Blended Quilt

Benita Pipes - Wee Care Quilt

Benita Pipes - Butterfly - from Cynthia England picture piecing

Millie Schwab with pictures of a Turning Twenty made by

her grandson, Justin Andrews, age 15. His first quilt.

Justin with his first quilt!

LaTrelle Locks - Happy Quilt - for her grandbaby

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