Thursday, October 1, 2009

Community Service - CPS Bag

Guild members make pillow case bags that are given to the local CPS (Child Protective Service) office for distribution to children taken into custody. Children use the bags for their personal possessions. Instructions for making the pillow case bags are given below.

Easy CPS Bag
1. Cut two rectangles of fabric 21" to 22" wide and 28" long,
squaring up the ends. They can be out of the same fabric or
coordinating fabrics

2. With right together, sew one long side of the pair of rectangles
together. Use a 3/8" to 1/2" seam allowance.

3. You now have one big rectangle. Open it up with right side
facing down on your ironing board. Press the side seam open
from top edge to about 4" down the side.

4. Turn the big rectangle 1/2" down from the top and press. This
will be pressed to the wrong side of the fabric.

5. Then turn it down another 1 1/2" from the top fold and press

6. Open out the folds that you just pressed and with right sides
together sew the remaining side seam and then sew across
the bottom.

7. Turn the pressed folds back down to the wrong side of the
bag and sew the casing down, back stitching as you cross
both side seams.

8. Stitch another seam 1/4" down from the top edqe of the bag,
again back stitching at both side seams.

9. Turn the bag right side out and, using a seam ripper, open only
the outside sides seam between the casing and top seams.
Open it only enough to get the cord or ribbon through. You
will do this on both side seams.

10.You will need 2 3/4 yards of cotton or nylon cord or grosgrain
ribbon 3/4" wide. Do not use less or the bag will not open fully.
Cut your 2 3/4 yards in half. Using a safety pin, feed one of the
pieces of cord or ribbon through one of the opening, go all the
way around the top of the bag and pull the cord through the
same opening that you started with. Do the same thing with
the other piece of cord or ribbon, starting at the other opening
and running it all the way around the top of the bag and
coming out the same opening. Tie the ends of the cords or
ribbon in a knot on each side and your CPS bag is finished.

Use fabrics that will hold up with heavy use. You can use 100%
cotton (good weave, not skimpy), cotton/poly blend, medium
weight drapery or upholstery fabric, denim, etc. Do not use a
loose weave fabric or a fabric that will stretch, as these will not
hold up. Remember, we need bags for children of all ages,
babies to teenagers, and this is a sad situation for them. So,
make your bags so that it might help brighten their spirits.

Developed and written by Nancy Tubb.

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