Friday, October 22, 2010

October 2010 Meeting

Several members of the Town and Country quilt guild in Stephenville were our special guests at the October meeting of the Brownwood Quilters guild. These ladies brought their raffle quilt as well as some personal quilts to share with us during our monthly Show and Tell. We certainly enjoyed this time with them.

Judith Lester from San Angelo brought the program at this months meeting. She has published many designs and she talked to us about working with wool. She is the owner of the Wool 'N' Cotton Shop in San Angelo and a retired school teacher as well as a contributor to the Wool Street Journal. She brought some beautiful wool applique as well as some wool rug hooking projects. She delivered a very inspirational talk about our life as quilters - Quilt Is A Five Letter Word - during which she introduced us to the term "womanship" which is the fellowship between women.

Look under the Annual Quilt Show part of this website for a picture of the 2011 Donation Quilt!

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