Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 15, 2011

Meeting Minutes

The February 15, 2011 meeting was called to order by Angela McCorkle, president, at 10:00 AM.

Roll was called. Twenty-two members were present. Everyone welcomed second time visitor Pat Kieselhorst.

1. Sunshine Report - Sherry Benbow reported that all is well.

2. The January program was presented by Angela.

3. Meeting Minutes from January 18th were read by Angela and opened for discussion. Joy Ivy made the motion to accept the minutes as read. Mildred Turner seconded the motion, motion carried.

4. Treasurer's Report was presented by Angela. Sherri Marshall made the motion to accept the report as written. LaTrelle Locks seconded the motion, motion carried. Joyce Kelley will assume treasurer's duties in Doris's absence until new officers are elected.

Standing Committee Reports:
1. Mystery Block - Nancy Tubb: Step 5 of the mystery quilts was made available.

2. Quilt Show Report was presented by Angela. Joyce Kelley reported that Mildred and Judy will be taking the raffle quilt to Hamilton March 28th to sell tickets. $731.00 has been raised thus far.

Monthly Program:

1. Joyce Kelley reported that the program for next month will be Cotton Theory by Joyce Griggers.

Old Business:

1. A vote was held to change meeting time from 9:00 AM.
• 17 voted to change
• 13 voted to leave it as is
• Majority then voted for 9:30 AM
• LaTrelle made the motion to amend by-laws, Joy Ivy seconded

Show 'n Tell:

1. Millie showed her blocks for the Mystery Queen Quilt

2. Sherry Benbow brought a quilt she completed from blocks she had won from the guild monthly drawing. She also made a lovely label for the back.

3. Mildred Turner completed a Trip Around The World memory quilt from her brother-in-laws clothing. She also pieced a quilt top from 2 1/2" strips from the strip exchange.

4. Lynn Patrick made a Turning Twenty quilt.
Door Prize - Flying Geese Ruler won by Pat Karnes

Fat Quarter Drawing - won by Lynn Patrick

Secret Sister - All the Secret Sisters shared gifts and drew names for next year's sisters.

Suggestion Box - Angela read notes from the Suggestion Box. One person was concerned that we are paying too much for the monthly program. Angela explained that some presenters won't come without being paid. Those who sell merchandise are provided lunch.

Meeting Adjourned.

A generous potluck lunch was enjoyed by all.

Submitted by M. Schwab

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