Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011

The meeting of the Brownwood Quilters Guild was called to order at 9:30 AM, April 19, 2011, by president Angela McCorkle.

Roll was called. No visitors were present.

Sunshine Report was presented by Sherry Benbow. Judy Tiedemann recently underwent Gall Bladder surgery and is doing well.

Meeting minutes from the March 15, 2011 meeting were discussed. Bethany Bletsch made the motion to accept the minutes as revised. Joy Ivy seconded the motion, motion carried.

Treasurer's report was presented by Angela McCorkle. Due to several comments she received from guild members about the guild being "broke", Angela explained how to read the Treasurer's Report and reassured the members that the guild has sufficient operating funds and funds for programs and that we are not operating in the red. Nancy Tubb made the motion to accept the Treasurer's report as read. Marcella League seconded the motion, motion carried.

Standing Committee Reports:

1. Mystery Block Reveal. Joyce Kelley showed her completed queen sized top. Millie Schwab showed her blocks that are completed and ready to assemble. No other participants have finished their projects. The reveal for the smaller mystery quilt will be next month.

2. Quilt Show report was presented by Angela McCorkle as follows:

• First Place ribbons are ready and were available for members to see. The persons on the committee were Sherri Marshall, Latrelle Locks, Pat Murph and Angela McCorkle. Second and third place ribbons along with the participant ribbons have been ordered and should be here prior to the show. In addition, there will be a first, second and third place ribbon awarded to the quilts in each category in the judged division. There are two big judge awards, the Judge's Choice for the best judged quilted and the Judge's Favorite from all quilts entered in the show, judged or not.

• Vendor food will be purchased from the coliseum concession stand. There will be tuna salad, chicken salad, pimento cheese and baked potatoes. The vendors will be given an ordered form and a volunteer will collect the orders, and take them to the vendors and the vendors will then have the option to eat in their booth or to take it to the hospitality room. The food will be purchased by the guild.

• Entry/Program - 92 quilts. The due date has been extended to Friday, April 22nd.

• Stash booth - Mildred Turner and Judy Tiedemann

• Door Prizes/ Goodie Basket - Angela McCorkle - some door prizes have been received and thank you notes been sent.

• Project Booth - Joy Ivy and Jeanie Ortegon volunteered to set up the project booth this year.

• Raffle Quilt - Joyce Kelley reported that the Raffle quilt has brought $1500.00+ thanks to the efforts of Mildred Turner and other members helping sell the tickets.

• Raffle quilt for 2012 - Angela McCorkle - We will have the blocks available at the next meeting for those who wish to stay and sew on the 2012 quilt after the meeting.

• Vendor Goodie Bags - Doris Rice

• We will have 20 new metal quilt racks available for the show. After the show, we will go ahead and spend another $500.00 for an additional 20 racks before the price of metal increases again. It was suggested that the wooden racks be sold to Barb's Quilt Nook when they inquired about renting them for their next show.

3. Hospitality Report - Nothing to report

4. Program Activity Report - This month's program was canceled due to a death in the family of the program presenter.

5. CPS Project - Nothing to report

6. Wee Care - Joy Ivy reported that she has received only one quilt but that the hospital currently was not in need of any additional quilts. Marcella League suggested that if we had an overflow we consider giving some to CPS or other entities that could use them. Marcella also suggested that our donations be quilts, since we are a quilt guild.

General/New Business:

1. Block Exchange - Last month Tricia Emery volunteered to do a 9 month star sampler and everyone would make a block and keep their own block. This issue was revisited this month. After discussion it was decided that instead of one person being in charge of the entire year, a different member each month would sign up to do the block. Example, the program will start in September. The member signing up for September will have block instructions and a completed block to show members at the August meeting. Members who wish to participate will make the block and return it to the September meeting. All blocks will go into a drawing, one winner will receive all blocks. Members are free to make a second block for their own personal use.

2. Sherri Marshall shared ideas for the fat quarter exchange for next year. A sheet of fat quarter colors and guidelines for next year was given to members.

3. Dues are payable in May. Everyone paying dues ($24.00) will be eligible for a quilt kit drawing at the June meeting. Jonna Burkes volunteered to select a quilt kit for the drawing. The quilt kit should not exceed $100.00.

4. The Nominating Committee for new officers was selected and consists of Sherri Marshall, Norma Bessent, and LaTrelle Locks. Their recommendations will be presented at the next meeting.

5. Coffee Social - A coffee social was available for folks who like to show up at 9:00 AM before the regular meeting. Coffee and cookies were enjoyed by all. Marcella made the motion to continue the social and Jeannie Ortegon seconded. Volunteers are needed to make the coffee and bring goodies and clean up after. A sign up sheet was available for those who wished to volunteer.

6. Programs/Workshops - Ideas for programs and workshops were discussed. The role of the Vice President is to coordinate the programs for the guild for the coming year. In an effort to assist this person with this job, when you renew your guild membership you will be requested to complete an information sheet. This will consists of your name, address, phone number, email address, birthday and suggestions for programs you would like to see, programs you would be available to present, workshops you would like to attend and workshops you would like to facilitate. This information will help the VP acquire programs based on what the majority of the members would like to see.

7. Angela McCorkle reported that the guild was asked to donate a quilt for a silent auction at the Buckmasters event to be held on May 21st. Back in December Joyce Kelley was contacted by the family of a former member who passed away who wanted to donate her quilt things to the guild. Among these things were several blocks, quilts in progress and other fabrics. We will use one of the quilt tops she had constructed, Angela will quilt it and donate it to the Buckmasters event.

8. Sherri Marshall brought in the quilt stash of Lois Scott. She is going into a nursing home facility and wanted to donate her quilt things to the guild. The members were asked to take what they wanted and the remainder would be sold in the stash sale with the money going to the guild.

Show 'n Tell:

1. Mildred showed a quilt she completed using strips she acquired in the guild strip exchange.

2. Joyce Kelley shared her expertly appliqued Roosters quilt.

3. Joy Ivy showed her granddaughter's T-shirt quilt. Mildred did embroidery on the top border and the top was quilted by Sally Brown. Joy also showed a quilt she had cross stitched years earlier.

4. Sherry Benbow finished a college graduation gift quilt for her granddaughter Amanda.

Monthly Drawings:

• The fat quarter drawing was won by Nancy Tubb. The color for May will be those colors that remind one of a sunset.

• Door Prizes were won by Karen Reed, Pat Murph, and Joy Early.


• No program was presented this month.

Meeting Adjourned.

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