Friday, July 29, 2011

July 2011 Meeting

The July meeting of the Brownwood Quilters Guild was held the 3rd Tuesday of the month and it was time for our annual July Luncheon.  Our Vice President, Marcella League, handed out bags with themed table decorations the previous month and each table committee was to use these decorations for their tables.  There was a prize awarded to the best decorated table.  There was a magic theme table decorated by Ruby Goodwin.  A Texas theme table decorated by Terri Reed.  A beach party table                                                  
decorated by Jonna Burkes.  A construction theme table decorated by Sherri Marshalll and Joy Ivy. And a chabby chic table decorated by Benita Pipes.
Judges were appointed and the prize went to Benita Pipes for the "Chabby Chic gone wild" table.

                                             Congratulations Benita!

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