Thursday, September 1, 2011

Block of the Month

Block of the Month
September 2012-May 2013

One member each month will volunteer to demonstrate the construction of a quilt block pattern and provide copies of the pattern to guild members. The following month, each member who makes the block will bring it to the guild meeting and be eligible to win all the blocks provided! The winner will be selected from a drawing which includes the names of each person who brought a block.

September 2012 (instructions due in August) - Doris Rice

October 2012 (instructions due in September) - Doniene Fullagar

November 2012 (instructions due in October) - Becky Martin
December 2011 - No Exchange because of Guild Christmas Party

January 2013 (instructions due in December) - Angela McCorkle

February 2013 (instructions due in January) - Judy Laquidara

March 2013 (instructions due in February) - Jonna Burkes

April 2013 (instructions due in March) - Doniene Fullagar

May 2013 (instructions due in April) - Sherri Marshall