Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 17, 2012


The January 17, 2012 meeting of the Brownwood Quilters Guild was called to order by President Angela McCorkle. There were 23 members and 2 guests present.

The minutes of the December Meeting were read. Sherrie Marshall moved they be approved as read. LaTrelle Locks seconded and motion carried. The Treasurer’s Report was given. Ruby Goodwin moved they be accepted as presented. Nancy Tubb seconded the motion; motion carried.

Sunshine report was given. Pat Murph may come back to OakRidge. Peggy Gamblin is in the hospital, Jeanie Ortegon has moved, and Daisy Huntsinger is doing well after her surgery Nancy Tubb reported CPS bags are needed. Joy Ivy reported more WeeCare quilts are needed. Marcella reported the February program will be Doris Rice, March will be a wool sewing kit and the following day on Wednesday there will be a table runner class. April there will be no program, just Quilt Show business, and May will be a program from Judy Laquidara.

Angela McCorkle reported members are needed to sell tickets for the donation quilt. Bethany Bletsch is going to take it to the Gun Show. Posters are ready at Moore Printing. Letters will go out in March for entries. Priddy Ag department will make us more racks. We have sold the old racks to Barb’s Quilt Nook in Kingsland. An ad as been placed in the Tea In Texas Magazine. T-shirts will not be the heat set design. They will be sky blue v-neck except for size 2X. LaTrelle will need the order at the February meeting. Re-usable shopping bags will be printed and distributed to the first 100 quilt show attendees. Vendors will pay for business card advertising on one side of bag and our show logo will be on the other side of the bag. Vendors can put their business card on the website for free if they advertise on the bag. Charlie will be contacted to put a visitor counter on the website as well as facebook exposure.

Discussion was held concerning a pattern design exclusive to the Quilt Show by members with pre-cuts and kits and sales going directly to the Guild. It was decided to table the discussion for this year due to lack of time to properly prepare. Angela will look into business cards to promote the show and guild and pens to give out. Banners will be made and go up in four places in town April 1st promoting the show date. Doris Rice moved that we have a theme for our show this year. Marcella League seconded; motion carried. It was moved by Nancy Tubb the theme be Friends Across Texas and must have predominate friendship stars in the quilt and can be any size. Bethany Bletsch seconded the motion; motion carried.

Angela McCorkle announced that this would be her last year as an officer and would like to change the bylaws to add the quilt show chair to the signature card at the bank. It will be presented again at the February meeting. There was some discussion concerning the children’s category. It was tabled until the February meeting also.

Show and tell items were presented by Alice Young, Benita Pipes, LaNelle (visitor). Photos can be seen on the guild website. The block exchange drawing was won by Donene Fullagar. Door Prizes were won by Jonna Burkes and Alice Young. Fat Quarters were won by Becky Martin. Doris will email next month’s block and it will also be on the website. The coffee social hostess for February is Jeanie Ortegon. Meeting was adjourned to the program presented by Angela McCorkle with Quilts With A Heart. She presented ruler demonstrations.

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