Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brownwood Quilters’ Guild
Bylaws and Standing Rules
Adopted May 1984
Revised May 2010
Amended February 2012
Amended September 2015
Amended August 2016

Article I

Section 1:  Administration

      A.  The organization shall be known as “BROWNWOOD QUILTERS’ GUILD”                                         (hereafter called “the Guild” in this document).

      B.  The Guild is organized for the appreciation and education of quilting.

      C.  The fiscal year of the Guild will be June 1 through May 31.

      D.  The Guild officers will be President, President-Elect (if President will not be serving another term), 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers will make up the Executive Committee.

Article II

Section 1:  Meetings

      A.  Regular meetings of the Guild will be held on the third Tuesday of each month in the Fellowship Hall, First Christian Church, 2411 Coggin Avenue at 9:30 AM.

Section 2:  Membership and Dues

      A.  Membership in the Guild will be open to anyone who is interested in the knowledge of the area of quilting and who desires the fellowship of other quilters.  Members in good standing have the privilege of voting and holding office. Members can participate and support the projects and activities of the Guild. 

      B.  Annual dues of $24 are due and payable at or before the June meeting.  After two visits, visitors are requested to join with dues prorated for the remaining months.

Article III

Section 1:  Nominating Committee and Election of Officers

      A.  In April, a nominating committee consisting of three (3) members shall be elected.  Nominations will be requested from the floor.  No current officer may serve on the nominating committee.  The committee will elect a chairperson.

      B.  In May, the nominating committee shall present their slate of officers to the membership.  Members present at the May meeting will elect new officers.  New officers shall assume their duties on June 1.

      C.  Any member in good standing for one year shall be eligible to hold office.      

Brownwood Quilters’ Guild Bylaws and Standing Rules – Page 2

Section 2:  Duties of Guild Officers

      A.  The Guild President will: 
           1.    Preside at all meetings.
           2.    Act as the parliamentarian.
           3.    Meet with the Executive Committee as needed.    
           4.    Appoint all general committees.
           5.    Shall be an ex-officio member of each committee except where there might be a conflict of interest.
            6.   Be responsible for or appoint someone else to handle any/all publicity for the Guild. 
      B.  President-Elect will:
           1.    Preside over meetings in the absence of the President.
           2.    Make herself available for assignments as required by the serving President.
           3.    Moves up to the President position the following year.
           4.    Coordinates the end-of-term appreciation gift for the President.

      C.  The 1st Vice Presidents will:
           1.    Preside over meetings in the absence of the President and President-Elect.
           2.    Secure at least eight programs during the year and be responsible for coordinating all parties and/or food-related activities.
           3.   Greet visitors at monthly meetings.

      D.  The 2nd Vice President will:
           1.    Preside over meetings in the absence of the President, President-Elect and the 1st Vice President.
           2.    Assist in securing programs during the year.
           3.    Assist with greeting visitors at monthly meetings with all parties and/or food-related activities.

      E.  The Secretary will:
                 1.   Keep the minutes of all meetings
               2.   Send the minutes to the Website Committee as soon after meetings as possible so they may be posted online for review by the membership.
           3.    Make copies available to members at the following monthly meeting or upon request. 
           4.    Update and maintain a membership list and make copies available to all members.
           5.    Send cards to members in response to major events in their lives (i.e. illness, deaths, etc.)

      F.  The Treasurer will:
           1.    Make bank deposits and disbursements as needed. 
           2.    Keep accurate records.
           3.    Provide a treasurer’s report to the members at each month’s meeting.   
           4.    Will be responsible for purchasing a quilt kit to be given away at the June meeting.  The total cost should not exceed $100.  All members who have paid their dues at or before the June meeting will be entered in a drawing to win this kit.  This drawing is an incentive for members to pay their Guild dues on time. 

Brownwood Quilters’ Guild Bylaws and Standing Rules – Page 3

Article IV

Section 1:  Standing Orders

     A.   At the June meeting, the Guild members will nominate and select specific charitable organizations that the Guild will support for the year. 

     B.   Each year, a quilt will be made and used to raise funds for a charitable organization(s) chosen by the membership.  The donation will be 75% of net funds raised.  The remaining funds will be used for Guild programs.  The drawing for the quilt will be held at the April Guild meeting.  (This project will not be undertaken in the 2016/2017 fiscal year.  The project’s viability will be revisited at the June 2017 meeting.)

     C.   A website will be maintained by Guild volunteer(s).  Designated volunteer(s) will post pictures or names of members and general activities of the Guild as they deem appropriate taking personal privacy and security into consideration.  Any member who does not want their name or picture posted should notify said volunteer(s).

     D.   The Executive Committee will meet at the discretion of the President to address unforeseen issues between regularly-scheduled meetings.  They will also propose a yearly budget for Guild approval at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Article V

Section 1:  Financial Policies

      A.  The President, 1st Vice-President, and Treasurer will be authorized to sign checks.  If either of these officers are unable or unwilling to fulfill this responsibility, the President may authorize one of the other officers to sign checks.

      B.  No part of the Guild’s earnings shall be used to the benefit of any single member, but will be used for the purpose of the Guild.

      C.  All officers shall be unpaid volunteers and no profit shall accrue to them.  However, reimbursement for expenses or reasonable compensation for services rendered will be allowed.

      D.  All checks drawn against the Guild’s checking account shall require a receipt of purchase, a statement for services or, in lieu of other backup information, a check request by the person requesting the distribution.

     E.   Each month, the Treasurer’s Report shall be reconciled with the bank statement by the Treasurer and the reconciliation reviewed by an officer not listed as a signatory on the bank account.
     F.   The President-Elect and one other member (not an officer) shall complete an annual audit of the Guild’s finances and present their findings at the May meeting.  Any discrepancies shall be reported immediately to the President. 

Brownwood Quilters’ Guild Bylaws and Standing Rules – Page 4

Article VI

Section 1:  Other Policies

      A.  The Guild supports compliance with the Copyright Law.

      B.  The bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new bylaws may be adopted by a majority of the members voting in any regular meeting.  Any proposed changes to the bylaws must be presented to the members at least one month prior to voting on said changes.

     C.   Should the Brownwood Quilters’ Guild disband, all physical assets will be sold or donated.  Any monies remaining after payment of any outstanding expenses shall be donated to another charitable organization -- to be decided by the members present at the final meeting.

Article VII

Section 1:  Indemnity

      A.  To the extent permitted by law, every person who is or was an officer or committee member of the Guild shall have a right to be indemnified by the Guild against all reasonable action, suit, or proceeding in which she or he may become involved as a part or otherwise by reason of her or his being or having been an officer, or committee member of the Guild.

      B.  The Guild releases members storing Guild property or equipment of all financial liability in the case of fire, theft by others, or loss due to other natural disasters.

* * * * * * * *


ARTICLE IV – Section 1.  Standing Committees

     I.  The Quilt Show Committee will select a Chair who will oversee and/or perform the necessary activities required to promote the annual quilt show.  The Quilt Show Chair will be authorized to delegate the necessary tasks required to ensure the success of the show.  All proceeds from the Quilt Show shall be deposited into the Guild account and set aside for use in the promotion of the Quilt Show for the following year.  This does not include the proceeds from the Donation Quilt auction.