Monday, June 18, 2012

June 19, 2012 Meeting



The June 19, 2012 meeting of the Brownwood Quilters Guild was called to order by President, Nancy Tubb.  Members were urged to turn in membership and quilt show follow-up questionnaires and pay their dues for the fiscal year 2012-13.  Everyone was encouraged to wear their name tags to all meetings.
There was one visitor, Taylor Turner, granddaughter of Milder Turner.
The minutes of the May meeting were read by Secretary, Benita Pipes. There were no corrections.  Mildred Turner made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Lynn Patrick seconded, and the motion carried.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented.  The balance as of June 19 was $6,020.41.  A motion to accept the report was made by Angela McCorkle and seconded by Sherry Benbow.  The motion carried.
Old Business

The Fat Quarter Exchange list for 2012-13 compiled by Sherri Marshall was passed out last month.  The list is posted on the website.

 Angela McCorkle is in charge of assembling the donation quilt for 2012-13.

The July meeting will be a luncheon and will begin at 10:30 a.m.  There will be no coffee social for July.

The Block of the Month program will start again in August with directions for blocks to be returned in September.  A sign-up sheet was passed around for volunteers.

New Business

Sheila Smith has resigned as Vice-President.  Joy Ivy from the nominating committee reported Marcella League has consented to serve another year as Vice President.  Angela McCorkle made a motion to accept Marcella as Vice President seconded by Terri Reed.  The motion carried.

As required by the Bylaws, a budget has been prepared for consideration.  Benita Pipes, Treasurer, presented the budget to the group.  Norma Bessent made a motion to accept the budget as presented seconded by Lynn Patrick.  The motion carried.

Norma Bessent will head the new Charity Research Committee.  She will look at area charities serving the surrounding area and determine ones with the most need who do not have a lot of support from other agencies.  She will present her report in September and the members will select the charity for the 2013 Donation Quilt and 2012 Charity Change.

Last year the decision was made to give 10% of the proceeds from the 2012 Donation Quilt to the Latch Key program.  The calculated amount was $131.10.  A motion was made by Judy Tiedeman and seconded by Jeanie Ortegon to round the amount up to $135.  The motion carried and a check will be prepared.

Nancy Tubb explained a new routine for the Community Service Projects.  There is a sign-in sheet at the greeter table for those who have brought Wee Care quilts or CPS bags.  Members are asked to sign and indicate the number of each item brought so that we can maintain accurate records on the numbers and to help recognize those participating.  Also, members were asked to show their items during Show & Tell to inspire others.

President, Nancy Tubb, announced the standing committee chairs:
            Greeter – Bethany Bletsch
            Wee Care – Joy Ivy
            Quilt Show – Angela McCorkle
            CPS – Robin Moody
            Sunshine – Sherry Benbow
            Website – Sherri Marshall and Bethany Bletsch
            Hospitality – Marcella League
            Charity Research – Norma Bessent

 Committee Reports

Sunshine – Sherry Benbow reported she did not know of anything to report.

WEE Care – Joy Ivy reported she had delivered 6 quilts and 4 receiving blankets to the hospital and has 3 quilts ready for labels. 
CPS – Nancy Tubb reported that 31 pillowcase bags were delivered to CPS.
Quilt Show – Angela McCorkle presented the results from the 2012 Quilt Show. 

            Total Proceeds                                   $8,938.55

            Total Expenses                                   $6,983.16
            Net Income:

Donation Quilt                                   $1,311.00

            Stash Sale                                               $307.27

            Net Quilt Show                                      $337.12

Angela discussed the possibility of changing the show from Sat/Sun to Fri/Sat.  Abilene reported double attendance after making this change.  Bobbie Lee Fryar made a motion seconded by Joy Ivy to change the dates of the 2013 Quilt Show to Friday/Saturday.  The motion carried.

Also discussed was the elimination of the workshop and judging.  A motion was made by Nancy Tubb and seconded by Norma Bessent to discontinue the workshop.  The motion carried.

Reducing the number of quilt entry categories was discussed.  Angela McCorkle and Sherri Marshall will work on consolidating and re-aligning the categories and will make a recommendation to the group. 

 Ruby Goodwin made a motion to discontinue the Shop Hop and bring back the raffle basket.  The motion was seconded by Terri Reed and the motion carried.

 The high cost of vendor concessions was discussed.  For next year, the guild will purchase water/coffee and guild members will donate food/snacks.  Doris Rice volunteered to chair this committee. 

Other suggestions for the quilt show were quilting “crafts” and a live auction. 

Sub-committees for the 2013 Quilt Show:

            Ribbons –

            Entry forms – Sherri Marhsall

            Vendor Concessions – Doris Rice

            Stash Sales – Mildred Turner/Judy Tiedemann/Benita Pipes

            Project Booth – Joy Ivy/Robin Moody

            2013 Donation Quilt (promotion and ticket sales) -

            Goody Bags – Karen Reed/Terri Reed

            Poster Distribution –

            Admissions – Bethany Bletsch

            Show promotions (tote bags) – Angela McCorkle

            T-Shirts -

            Bed Turning – Benita Pipes

2014 Donation Quilt – Nancy Tubb/Benita Pipes/Sherri Marshall (selection and coordination of construction)

For appreciation of her service to the Guild as Secretary/Treasurer and President for the past two years, Nancy Tubb presented Angela McCorkle with pink/brown pinwheel blocks signed by guild members. 

Monthly Drawings

 The fat quarter drawing for June was won by Doniene Fullagar.  The color for July will be “cool” colors.

The guild membership quilt was won by Becky Martin.                

Show & Tell

Lynn Patrick – Wee Care receiving blanket

Benita Pipes – “Strippy Star” quilt

Angela McCorkle – Rose appliqué & batik bag

Judy Tiedemann – “Fried” quilt

Mildred Turner – “Trip Around the World” quilt

Doris Rice – “Deep in the Heart of Texas” quilt

Joy Ivy – “Championship” t-shirt quilt

Pictures of the Show and Tell projects can be see under the Show and Tell portion of the guild website.

The meeting was adjourned for the program, “Binding Techniques,” presented by Mildred Turner, Doris Rice and Angela McCorkle.