Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16, 2012 Meeting




The October 16, 2012 meeting of the Brownwood Quilters Guild was called to order by President, Nancy Tubb. 

 There were 32 members present.  Visitors were Susie Brooks and Jerri Jones 
General Announcements

Nancy Tubb reminded everyone about the Goldthwaite quilt show October 20 at the Civic Center.

The program for November will be a purse presentation and workshop by Angela McCorkle.  The cost is $15 and includes the pattern and pre-cut batting strips.  Angela will send out additional instructions.  There will be a crock pot, salad and dessert luncheon for those attending the workshop.  Volunteers are as follows:    

Crock pot dish (soup, beans, goulash, etc.)

  1. Joy Ivy
  2. LaTrelle Locks
  3. Jonna Burkes
  4. Benita Pipes

Salad – Marcella League

Dessert – Nancy Tubb

Bread – Millie Schwab

The minutes of the September meeting were read by Secretary, Benita Pipes. There were no corrections.  Lynn Patrick made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Bethany Bletsch seconded, and the motion carried.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented.  The balance as of October 16, 2012 was $6,415.37.  A motion to accept the report was made by LaTrelle Locks and seconded by Marilyn DeHay.  The motion carried.

Old Business

There was no old business.

New Business

Due to the holidays, there was discussion on changing the upcoming meeting dates.  A motion was made by Doniene Fullagar to change the date of the November meeting to November 13.  LaTrelle Locks seconded the motion and the motion passed.  LaTrelle Locks made a motion to change the December meeting/Christmas party to December 11 at 10:30 a.m.  Doniene Fullagar seconded and the motion carried.

 Marilyn DeHay brought a request from the Chamber of Commerce asking for judges for the booths at the “Christmas Under the Stars” event on December 7.  Marilyn DeHay, Benita Pipes and Angela McCorkle volunteered to represent the guild.

 Committee Reports

WEE Care – Joy Ivy reported she is looking into different methods of printing the quilt labels.

CPS – Robin Moody reported 18 bags are ready to be delivered.

Sunshine – Sherry Benbow reported get-well cards were sent to Mildred Turner and Karen Reed.

Quilt Show – Following up on a previous discussion of purchasing aprons to be worn at the quilt show instead of T-Shirts, Angela McCorkle reported she had found a website to order aprons already embroidered for $8-$10.  A motion was made by Lynn Patrick, seconded by Joy Ivy, to order aprons for the quilt show.  Orders will be taken in December.  Members will be responsible for purchasing their own apron.  Lime green was the color discussed. 

  Monthly Drawings

Block of the Month – Becky Martin presented the Block of the Month for November, a string-pieced block. 

The October Block of the Month drawing was won by Lynn Patrick

The Fat Quarter drawing was won by Becky Martin.  The color for November is “something sparkly.”

The meeting was adjourned for the program, “Cathedral Windows” by Alice Young.

Show & Tell

Daisy Huntsinger – “No Name” quilt

Angela McCorkle – “Tessellating Windmills”

Millie Schwab – Sewing kit

Ruby Goodwin – Purse liner, cat quilt & cat pillowcase

Becky Martin - WEE Care quilt & Dragonfly baby quilt

Stella Burns – “Which Witches Boot” wall-hanging & “Dress to the Nines” quilt

Jeanneene Johnson - Mystery quilt & T-Shirt quilt for grandson's graduation

Doniene Fullagar - WEE Care quilt

Benita Pipes - WEE Care receiving blanket and quilt

Millie Schwab - WEE Care receiving blanket

LaTrelle Locks – “Bridget's” quilt

Joy Ivy – “Oh Cherry Oh Jubilee” quilt

Doris Rice - Halloween, strippy star & bluebonnet quilts

LaTrelle Locks – Purse

Terri Reed – WEE Care quilt

Judy Tiedemann – WEE Care quilt

Cindy Hadley – WEE Care quilts

Respectfully submitted,

Benita Pipes, Secretary