Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19, 2013



The March 19, 2013 meeting of the Brownwood Quilters Guild was called to order by President, Nancy Tubb. 

There were no visitors.    

The minutes of the February meeting were read by Secretary, Benita Pipes. There were no corrections.  Angela McCorkle made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Doniene Fullagar seconded, and the motion carried.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented.  The balance as of February 28, 2013 was $6,881.21.  A motion to accept the report was made by Joy Ivy and seconded by LaTrelle Locks.  The motion carried.

General Announcements

President, Nancy Tubb, reminded members that some people are still having trouble hearing and asked members to be courteous and save personal conversations for after the meeting.  Also, due to the amount of emails and spam received, members were asked to watch the “Reply All” option and use it only when the intention is for the email to be sent to the entire guild.  Nancy Tubb addressed the sending of anonymous negative messages and encouraged members to display any dissatisfaction via appropriate channels.

The April meeting will be preparation for the quilt show and a workshop for Wee Care quilts.  Nancy Tubb reminded members that the success of the quilt show is dependent on the participation of the members.    

Old Business

The quilt show aprons are still available for purchase at $6.50 each

Tickets will be sold for the donation quilt at the gun show.

Donation quilt tickets were distributed last month.  Members need to sell as many as possible to ensure funding for programs for the next fiscal year. 

New Business

The nominating committee was appointed by President, Nancy Tubb:  Marcella League, Robin Moody and Doniene Fullagar.

Doniene Fullagar presented the block of the month for April, a scrappy green and white “Jewel Box” block. 

LaTrelle Locks is responsible for the May block of the month.

The fat quarter theme for April is “your favorite color.”

Committee Reports

WEE Care – About 12-14 quilts have been delivered to the hospital.  Four quilts were kept to sell at the quilt show.  Members were encouraged to make quilts of any size to be sold at the project booth with the proceeds going to purchase additional supplies for WEE Care.

Sunshine –A sympathy card was sent to Carol Casserilla’s family.

Quilt Show – Angela McCorkle reminded all quilt show committee chairs that a meeting would be held after the program.  Green ribbons stating “I’m a winner” have been ordered.  Marcella League volunteered to be the chairperson for the donation quilt table.  Angela announced that 2014 will be the tenth anniversary for the quilt show and she would then like to step down from being the Quilt Show Chair.


Monthly Drawings

The Block of the Month drawing was won by Alice Young.  The Fat Quarter drawing was won by Nancy Tubb.  Door prizes were won by Sheila Smith, Cindy Hadley and Judy Tiedemann. 

The meeting was adjourned for the program “5 minute block and 10 minute block” by Angela McCorkle.”

 Show & Tell

LaTrelle Locks – Basket quilt and Little Jo quilt

Millie Schwab – Table runner by daughter Tracey, baby crochet, frog, sloop bag

Robin Moody – Little Jo quilt

Doniene Fullagar – “Chocolate Covered Cherries” and “Abundance”

Judy Tiedemann – “Sunbonnet Mary”

Becky Martin – Batik guild quilt “Organized Chaos”

Sherri Marshall – Little Jo, “Red Sky at Night” and “Desert Sky”

Respectfully submitted,

Benita Pipes, Secretary