Friday, May 10, 2013

June 2013 due August 2013

( Updated January 23, 2014 )

1. A block theme will be given every other month. For example the first month will be
"buildings" if you are doing the "Non seasonal" Row by Row Quilt OR "presents" if you
are doing the "Christmas" Row by Row Quilt. You will be given block themes in August, 
October,, December, February, and April. You will have 6 rows plus borders for the 
completed quilt and 2 months to complete each row. You will provide the fabric for
your own blocks, make your own blocks and keep your own blocks. 
no exchanges will be taking place.

2. The block size, pattern, colors,etc is your choice. You must include at least 4 blocks in
the row. You do not have to choose the same size of block for each row. However if
you choose different size blocks for each row, you will possibly need to add coping strips.

For example 

12" Finished blocks - 4
10" Finished blocks - 4, plus 8" coping (3 strips 3 1/4" wide using a  generous 1/4" seam)
  9" Finished blocks - 5, plus 3" of coping (5 strips 1 1/8" wide using a generous 1/" seam)
  8" Finished blocks - 6
  6' Finished blocks - 12

These are only examples, you can make more blocks to make your quilt larger,
or use all the same size blocks in all of the rows.

Row 1 for Houses Quilt - houses (or buildings)
Row 1 for Christmas - Presents

Row 2 for Houses - Flowers
Row 2 for Christmas - Santas

Row 3 for Houses & Presents - Churn dash block

Row 4 for Houses - Trees
Row 4 for Christmas - Ornaments

3. Those participating will need to bring the completed row to the next "every other
month" for show and tell. Those bringing completed rows will have their name in a
drawing for a special door prize that month, plus have their name in a drawing for a
 "Grand Prize" at the end.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask Doris.
Complete your row and have fun with it.

Becky Martin 
Shelia Smith 
Patsy Oehrlein 
Cindy Hadley 

Doris Rice
 Joy Ivy 

The reveal of the quilts will be in June.