Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013


The May 21, 2013 meeting of the Brownwood Quilters Guild was called to order by President, Nancy Tubb. 

There was one visitor, Carol Nardone, from Early.

The minutes of the April meeting were read by Secretary, Benita Pipes. There were no corrections.  LaTrelle Locks made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Joy Ivy seconded, and the motion carried.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented.  The balance as of May 21, 2013 was $8,005.94.  A motion to accept the report was made by Judy Tiedemann and seconded by Cindy Hadley.  The motion carried.

General Announcements

President, Nancy Tubb, asked everyone to pick up and complete a Membership Form to be returned with their dues.  This form is used by the Secretary for the roster and e-mail distribution list and the Vice President for program suggestions.  There is also a Quilt Show Follow-up Questionnaire to be used by the officers and Quilt Show Chair/Committee.

Nancy Tubb thanked all who came and worked at the quilt show.  There will be a meeting of the quilt show sub-committee chairs after the June meeting. 

Don Nall contacted Sherri Marshall and has several antique quilts for sale.  He can be reached at 325-642-7059.

The 2013-2014 Donation Quilt, a Texas flag, has been started and should be completed by the end of June and ready for quilting by the Executive Committee approved quilter.

The new Block of the Month sign-up sheet is ready for volunteers and the exchange will start back up in September with instructions supplied in August.

The program for the May meeting will be “On the Borders” presented by Doris Rice

Old Business
The separation of the Secretary/Treasurer position was discussed in April.  A motion was made by Ruby Goodwin, seconded by Judy Tiedemann, to amend the Brownwood Quilters Guild By-Laws and to split the position and have two separate offices, one office of Secretary and one office of Treasurer.  The motion carried.

A motion was made by Doris Rice to discontinue reading the minutes at the meetings.  Angela McCorkle seconded the motion and the motion carried.  A few copies will be available at the Greeter’s table at each meeting.

A donation of $700 will be made to the Pregnancy Care Center.  This amount includes the proceeds from the Goodie Basket, 10% of the proceeds from the Donation Quilt and the remainder of the charity change balance, leaving $200 for the benevolent fund. 

The balance from the Donation Quilt after expenses to be used for programs was $869.08.  A motion was made by Angela McCorkle, second by Shelia Smith, to increase the amount to $1,000 to be used by the Vice-President.  The difference would come from disposable income.  The motion carried. 

The Nominating Committee, represented by Marcella League and Robin Moody, reported that two members had volunteered for the Secretary position, Judy Tiedemann and LaTrelle Locks.  After a written ballot vote was taken for the Secretary position, the following slate of officers were announced and approved:

            President – Joy Ivy

            Vice President – Doris Rice

            Secretary – LaTrelle Locks

            Treasurer – Cindy Hadley

There is no Block of the Month for June.

The fat quarter theme for June is “HOT” or anything you think represents HOT.

Committee Reports

Publicity – Bethany Bletsch reported that notices have been submitted to the Brownwood Bulletin Community Calendar.

WEE Care – Joy Ivy reported that the silent auction of the baby quilt made by Marcella League brought in $101 and another $98 was collected for a total of $199 to be used for WEE Care supplies

CPS – Robin Moody reported that a suggestion was made to sell the bags at the quilt show next year as laundry bags.

Quilt Show – Angela McCorkle reported that the change to Friday/Saturday for the show resulted in a slight increase in attendance. 

Due to the shortage of workers for the take-down portion of the show, this task took longer than expected.  It was suggested that the Guild pay workers next year to help with the hard labor. 

Plans for the 10th Anniversary Quilt Show are underway with discussions for a guest speaker, an Eleanor Burns trunk show, demonstrations, city proclamations and T-Shirt advertising among other ideas.

Monthly Drawings

The Block of the Month drawing was won by Cindy Hadley.  The Fat Quarter drawing was won by Cindy Hadley. 
The meeting was adjourned for the program “On the Borders” by Doris Rice.

 Show & Tell

Judy Tiedemann – “Quacky Duck” WEE Care quilt

Bethany Bletsch – Mug mats made for friends visiting from Germany

Vickie Mazurek – “Yard Birds” blog hop quilt

Respectfully submitted,

Benita Pipes, Secretary