Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 20, 2013 Meeting

Brownwood Quilters Guild
 Minutes 20 August 2013

Meeting called to order by President Joy Ivy
Roll Call by Shelia Smith alternate for Secretary La Trelle Locks
Members were asked to confess during roll call the number of Block of the Months in progress or on hand.

Two Visitors were present as follows: Elaine Anderson
                                                               Kelly Schoolcraft

Minutes from Last Month were read aloud by Shelia Smith
Copies of Minutes were available at sign in.
Motion to Accept Minutes as read by Mildred Turner, 2nd Bobbie Fryer
Motion Carried

Treasurer's Report by Cindy Hadley
Ruby Goodwin questioned dues refund.
Motion by Ruby Goodwin to Accept Treasury Report, 2nd by Vicki Mazurek

New/old business as follows:

Thank you card read by President Joy Ivy from Crisis Pregnancy Center expressing
their gratitude for the guilds service and support.

Discussion opened by President Joy Ivy regarding questions about Stash Booth Sale at next years Quilt Show.  Nancy Tubb mentioned the possibility that space available for Stash Sale was limited next year because of the Guild 10th year activities, vendor and Guest Teachers.  Various guild members mentioned clientele for sale at Quilt Show is primarily guild members.

Mildred Turner questioned who makes decisions regarding Stash Sale at the Quilt Show. President Joy Ivy stated that it was her understanding that the Quilt Show Executive Committee makes the proposals.  A discussion regarding the Executive Committees' decision ensued.  Ruby Goodwin noted that the Executive Committee usually meets to iron out problems, but key issues are normally brought to members for a vote.  An informal discussion of the pros and cons of Stash Sale ensued.  President Joy Ivy asked members to vote their opinion of potential Stash Sale at Quilt  Show, and a potential Stash Sale at a regular guild meeting for members.  Mildred Turner suggested an addition of Stash Sale for members during a regular Guild Meeting.  Members Voted as follows: Stash Sale at Quilt Show  FOR 12 AGAINST 5

Stella Burns Made Motion To Keep Stash Sale at Quilt Show, Judy Tiedeman 2nd
Donienne Fulagar Made Motion to For Members Stash Sale at regular Guild Meeting in February, Vicki Mazurek 2nd

Other Quilt Show Business, Donation Quilt, ticket costs ect... tabled until next month.

Next President Joy Ivy opened a discussion of Upcoming Christmas Activities

 Joy explained that member, Donienne Fulagar has graciously invited

Guild members to her families ranch near Brady for Christmas on 17 December this year. Doniennes' hospitality includes providing members with the meat and drinks, and members are asked to bring side dishes and desserts.  Also, members will have an opportunity to shop in quilt shops in Brady.

Members unanimously thought this a wonderful opportunity for fellowship.

Vicki Mazurek made Motion to Accept; Shelia Smith 2nd

Details and directions to follow.

Thank you Donienne!

This Months Block of the Month presented by Vicki Mazurek for Doris Rice

Due in September is Modern Bento Box made with Red, Black, and White 2 1/2 strips. Modern Bento Box Instructions distributed to members.

Door Prizes as follows:
  • Benita Pipes brought two quilts to give away, a Teapot Quilt, and a Chicken Quilt.
  • Member Nancy Tubb received the Teapot Quilt as she had made one of the blocks.
  • The Chicken Quilt was awarded as a door prize to Shelia Smith.
  • Door prize Jellyroll was awarded to Debra Revay

Strip Drawing was won by Cindy Hadley, who in turn presented them to Joy Ivy.

Row by Row Participants as follows:

  •  Joy Ivy
  • Nancy Tubb

  •  Becky Martin-Traditional Navajo Hogan
  •  Doris Rice- Country Barns
  • Vicki Mazurek -Country Barns
  •  Nancy Tubb- Paper-pieced Houses/Trees
  •  Cindy Hadley- Houses with wildflowers
  •  Shelia Smith- Houses

 Drawing for Row by Row Month Prize won by Nancy Tubb

Show and Tell

Donienne Fulagar as follows: Little Boy Blue, Candyland, Posh Pumpkins, and Autumn Splendor

Vicki Mazurek as follows: Cone Flower, Blog Hop Christmas Dinner, Prayer Hands

Roberta McShan as follows: Block of Month Quilt

Millie Schwab as follows: Churn Dash 2nd place winner in Goldthwaite Show, Double Wedding Ring, and a new quilt kit she received called Amish with a Twist.

Shelia Little Jo with Crows

Judy Tiedeman presented a pattern for a Shoe Block for Block of Month for next month--

CPS Report Robin Moody was not present. Two CPS bags were presented by Donienne Fulagar entrusted to Judy Tiedemann to give to Robin.

Wee Care Report by Judy Tiedemann   Wee Care donations brought by
  • Mary Alice Young, Hand finished receiving blanket
  • Donienne Fulagar, Baby Quilt
  • Doris Rice, Self Binding Baby Blanket
  • Vicki Mazurek, Baby Blanket
  • Patsy Oehrlein Crochet Edged Receiving Blanket

Workshop: Name Tags: Thank you to Sherri Marshall, La Trelle Locks, Mildred Turner, Doris Rice, and Pauline McBride for Embroidering Names for workshop attendees.

Becky Martin presented Crazy Quilt Nametag example. Joy Ivy presented Hexagon nametag example. Of note: Judy Tiedeman expressed her heartfelt thanks to guild members for their support and prayers during her husband's illness.

Count of 10 workshop Attendees, break for Lunch. MEETING ADJORNED