Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 2013 Show and Tell

Judy Tiedemann - blocks for Shoe quilt (also our BOM)

Sherri Marshall - Briar Patch flannel quilt

Sherri Marshall - Jo's Little Women club project

B & B Quilting of Buda - Block of the Month - Saturday's Soire'

Doris Rice - The Lone Star State

Doris Rice - back of The Lone Star State

Doris Rice - Zig Zag Bubbles - for grandson Kameron

Doris Rice - Rail Fence made by Doris's mother for Kameron

Judy Tiedemann - Froggy Bag - made by Judy's daughter, Elizabeth Reigert of St Louis

Ruby Goodwin showing a vest made by Cindy Hadley from antique quilt

Marilyn DeHay - Snowmen A to Z

Carol Kinman - Snowmen A to Z

Vickie Mazurek - Girl With the World on Her Shoulders - online challenge

Stella Burns - Something Fishy - NAGS project

Jonna Burks - Something Fishy - NAGS project

Judy Tiedemann - Something Fishy - NAGS project

WeeCare made by Vickie Mazurek

WeeCare made by Vickie Mazurek