Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 2013 Minutes

Date:  Sept. 17, 2013


The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by guild President, Joy Ivy.
Roll  was called.  There were 28 members present.  Visitors were:  Elaine Anderson  & Kelli Schoolcraft.
 Sunshine Report was presented by Sherry Benbow:  None given.  Sherry was not present. 
Minutes from the August meeting were discussed.  Angela McCorkle  made a motion to accept the minutes as written, Doris Rice seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Cindy Hadley read the treasures report,  Angela McCorkle made a motion to accept treasurer's report.  Doris Rice seconded it.  Motion carried.
Block of the Month Exchange:  Judy Tiedemann presented the block for next month.  The pattern is a high heeled shoe appliqued onto a white on white block that is to be 10 1/2"  X  10 1/2".  The shoe color is makers choice.  Shoe pattern was handed out.
Strip Exchange:  Halloween fabric
CPS Bags Report:   None reported.  Robin was not present.
Wee Care Report:  Vickie presented 3 quilts.
Quilt Show Report:   Sue Garman will not be at the quilt show.  He husband's illness prevents her from attending.  However,  her place has been filled by Liz Porter of Fons & Porter. 
Angela reminded us that the stash booth has been reinstated at the quilt show; but will only have one space instead of two.

General Business:  Joy reminded us that Donniene Fulagar has graciously invited the Guild to her home for our Christmas party.
Stella Burns informed us that her phone # is 325-752-7330 & Bobbie Lee Fryar said her cell # is 325-647-8424.  Please update your membership guides.

New business: 
The City of Early is having Frontier Days on October 19th.  They requested someone to do a demo on hand quilting.  Shelia Smith & LaTrelle Locks agreed to do this.  Others are welcome to join.  If others volunteered, I did not get your names, but please be there as it is an all day event!
Discussion on changing the Donation quilt for 2014 to a bigger quilt resulted in a motion made by Angela McCorkle & seconded by Judy Tiedemann.  The dquilt has been selected.  Everyone is asked to stay after the meeting in October to work on it.

On November 8-9th  there will be a Buda Quilting Bee.  Free admission, 9 am - 5pm at Onion Creek Senior Citizen Center  420Barton Crossing @ FM 2770  Buda, Tx. 78610.  All are welcome to attend!
Round Rock Quilt Show is Oct. 27-28th

Sherri Marshall:  Briar Patch (flannel) & Little Jo
Doris Rice: Texas State of Mind, Zig Zag Bubbles (baby quilt for new grandson), Rail Fence
Judy Tiedemann Frog Purse made & given to her by her daughter
Marilyn DeHay:  Snowman A to Z
Carol Kinman:  Snowman A to Z
Vickie Mazurek:  Girl with the pearl earring
Stella  Burns, Judy Tiedemann & Jonna Burkes ( 2013 NAGS Project):  Something Fishy
Ruby Goodwin:  Quilt vest made by Cindy Hadley

The monthly block drawing was won by Mildred Turner.
The strip drawing was won by  Debra Revay.
The strip color for October will be Halloween fabrics.
Door prize winners were Wanda Jackson, Vickie Mazurek, Nancy Tubb Becky Martin & Jonna Burkes.  WooHoo!

PROGRAM:   The program was presented by Lori Beckers & Nancy Brinkley of B & B Quilting from Buda, Texas.  They presented numerous quilts & patterns. Our treat was shopping after their program!

Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by
LaTrelle Locks, Secretary