Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 2014 Minutes

Date:  January 21, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by guild President, Joy Ivy.  Roll  was called.  There were 24 members present.  No visitors.
Minutes from the December meeting were read by LaTrelle Locks.  Debra Revay made a motion to accept minutes as read.  Doniene Fullagar 2nd motion.  Motion carried.

Sunshine Report:  Helen Reid, founder of the guild, passed away.  Flowers will be sent to her service.  Cards had been sent to Joy Early, Judy Tiedemann (husband), Alice Young, & Terri Reed.  Robin Moody had surgery.  She is home & said to be improving.
Treasurers Report:  Cindy Hadley presented the treasure’s report.    
CPS Bags Report:   Robin Moody was not present, but nothing to report.
Wee Care Quilt Report: Sherry Benbow brought 1 quilt.

New Business:  Doris Rice reported that she had been contacted by Susie Parron of Barn Quilts, about doing a program in September.  The speaking fee of $200 was discussed & if a workshop is wanted, that will be extra.  Angela McCorkle made a motion to accept, LaTrelle Locks 2nd it.  Motion carried.
Judy Tiedemann reported that, due to her husands health, they are moving to Georgia.  They will be living with their son & daughter-in-law.  This will be her last meeting with us.  We wish you a safe trip & many blessings, Judy.  You will be missed!
Old business:  No old business

Quilt Show Business:  Angela McCorkle informed us that Liz Porter will not be our guest speaker for the quilt show.  Instead, Shaula Patton will be our speaker & will present a trunk show.  Shaula is very entertaining & I’m sure all will enjoy her program.  Angela is still waiting on confirmation on the “Route 66” program. Other discussion on the quilt show were as follows:  other programs for the show will be “100 Years of Red Work”.  Joy Ivy will be in charge of the bed turning & door prizes.  Vickie Mazurek will get the programs together.  Ruby Goodwin will be in charge of the Project Booth; Doris Rice in charge of the Donation Quil;, Cindy Hadley in charge of Vendor goody bags; Debra Revay in charge of Admissions  table; Vickie Mazurek in charge of poster distribution.  Doris Rice is checking into having lapel pins for the guild to sell.  Doris Rice will be in charge of quilt check-in & Ruby Goodwin in charge of take down; Doniene Fullagar will assist Ruby.  Vickie Mazurek will be in charge of Vendor food.
At present time Angela is still searching for young, able-bodied people to put up & take down the racks, as well as hang the quilts for us.
The show dates this year will be April 25-26th.  Times will be 10-5 on 25th & 10-4 on 26th.

Doniene Fullagar- Mountain Majesty, made using Cinch shirts. Four Brands quilt made for her husband. Quilted 3 pocket purse.
Debra Revay-  Quilted guild name badge.
Wanda Jackson-  Red & green sampler.  The 1st quilt she ever made, Grandmother’s Flower Garden, made in 1979, hand quilted.
Alice Young-  Spiral in Pastels, a small wallhanging. It was made in a workshop when she lived in Omaha, Arkansas (1992).  Depicting a color wheel.
Vickie Mazurek- Blog Hop Projects:  Birds & Blooms, made for her Mother; Stitch Bible, showing all the stitches her machine does as well as other interesting things; “Hole in the Chicken Wire” &  Fonzi, her rooster.
Doris Rice- “Geese Circling New York” wall hanging (blog hop); Counted Cross-stitch Egg that she revised into a quilt pattern & Heart Applique.
Cindy Hadley- Showed her Churn dash blocks for her Row by Row.

BOM:  Doris Rice
Strip Exchange:  Vickie Mazurek
Door Prizes: Doris Rice, Wanda Jackson & LaTrelle Locks
Doris Rice presented the BOM for next month, which is a pieced heart block.  Instructions can be found on the guild website.

PROGRAM:  Angela McCorkle presented a program using her new rulers; a dresdan plate, a log cabin & a hexagon by Bloc-Loc.
Doniene Fullagar will present the program for February.  She will show us how to make the 3 pocket purse she showed today.  She will be sending an email on supplies needed

Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by
LaTrelle Locks, Secretary

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