Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 2014 Show & Tell

 Doniene Fullagar shows  Christmas gifts she made for her family.
 This is the Bonnie Hunter pattern, "Mountain Majesties" made from Cinch shirts. 
 This brand quilt is what she made for her husband. 
You can also read about this quilt in the link above.

Doniene made quilted three pocket clutch purses for each of her girls. 
She will show us how to make them in February's guild meeting. 
Debra Revay completed her guild name tag.

 Wanda Jackson shows a beautiful sampler quilt she constructed in reds and greens buts says it has no Christmas fabrics in it .

  This hand quilted Grandmother's Flower Garden is the first quilt Wanda Jackson ever made, back  in 1979.

 Alice Young took a class in 1992 when she lived in Omaha Arkansas. 
The students were to make a small quilt that represented the color wheel.
 Alice calls hers a pastel color wheel wall hanging and she hand quilted it. 

Vickie Mazurek shows "Circus" that she made for  Kona solids blog hop 
 from Amanda Murphy's book, Color Essentials

 "Birds & Blooms", is a small art quilt made for her mother in South Dakota.

Vickie made this quilt "Hole in the Chicken Wire"  for a November blog hop.

She also made this thread painted art quilt "Fonzie #2" from a picture she took of her rooster.

 Doris Rice made "Geese Circling New York" for the Kona solids blog hop.

 She also made "Pixel Faberge Egg" for the same hop, which is her quilt own design.

This is a wall hanging Doris made for demonstration for an upcoming class she will be teaching.

 Cindy Hadley shows her Row by Row, quilt as you go. 
Notice the different types of Churn Dash blocks she used. What a good idea !

 Angela McCorkle of Quilts With a Heart put on the January program.
 She demonstrated new rulers on the market and how to use them.

President Joy Ivy

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