Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014 Minutes

Date:  March 2014


            Meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by guild president, Joy Ivy.

            Roll was called.   There were 19 members present.  We had one new member join, Connie Hart.

Alice Young fell on Fri. (March 14th).  She was not able to come to the meeting.  Mary Mauldin had a stroke but is reported to be doing well.

            Meeting minutes from the February meeting were discussed. Sherri Marshall  made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Doniene Fulagar seconded the motion, motion carried.

            Treasurer’s report was presented. Doniene Fullagar made the motion to accept the minutes as written, Sherry Benbow seconded the motion, motion carried.


1.         Row by Row Exchange-  Doris Rice was not present.

2.         Block of the Month Exchange – Doniene Fullagar presented next months block, Gracen’s Choice.  Colors to use will be pink green, & white.

3.         Strip Exchange- April color will be spring colors.

4.         Quilt Show Report was presented by Angela McCorkle.
A .Ribbons – LaTrelle Locks, Sherrie Marshall, Vickie Mazurek & Jeanie
            b. Vendor Food –  Vickie Mazurek
c. Entry/Program – Sherrie Marshall & Vickie Mazurek
d. Stash Booth –
e. Door Prizes/Goodie Basket – Joy Ivy
g. Project Booth – Ruby Goodwin
h. Donation Quilt – Doris Rice
i. Vendor Goodie Bags – Cindy Hadley
j. Poster Distribution – Vickie Mazurek        
k. Admissions Table – Debra Reva

5. CPS Project – Robin Moody – Nothing to report

6. Wee Care –  Nothing to report



2.                                 ____________________________________________________

4.                     ____________________________________________________

5.                                 ____________________________________________________


            NEW BUSINESS

No new business.

All vendors are booked plus there are 2 alternates.
We still need workers for set up.  Angela will not be at April meeting.

1.  Millie Schwab – Finished the binding on the donation quilt.       
2.  Doniene Fullagar – Showed patterns from 1928 for “Farm Life Quilt” & other patterns from 1930.
3.  Jeanie Ortegon -  Batik purse, swirl bag.  
4.  Becky Martin – Quilted postcard from her cousin.  Also, Star BOM that she won; she made it for Doniene, for having Christmas party at her house. 
5.Cindy Hadley -  Showed feed sacks that she found in a suit case that she bought at an auction.  She also showed a cat quilt & dog quilt that she made for Canines, Cats & Cabernet show.
6.  Joy Ivy -  Showed a Jenny Doan book that her husband got for her.  She also showed the purse she made from Doniene’s workshop.  Wee Care quilt.
7.   Daisy Huntsinger -  Two red & black flannel rag quilts.
8. LaTrelle Locks – Butterflies for Brianna, this is one of our granddaughters

            The monthly block drawing was won by Cindy Hadley.

            The strip drawing was won by Cindy Hadley.

PROGRAM:  No program for this month.

            Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by
LaTrelle Locks

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