Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 2014 Minutes

Date:  May 2014
The meeting was called to order at 9:30 by guild president, Joy Ivy.
Roll was called.  There were 22 members present.  We did not have any visitors.
No news of anyone being ill.  It was stated that Judy Teidemann & her husband have moved to Georgia.
Meeting minutes were read from the April meeting & discussed.  Ruby Goodwin made the motion to accept the minutes as read.  Sherri Marshall seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
Cindy Hadley presented the treasurer’s report.  Angela McCorkle made a motion to accept the report as written.  Connie Hart seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
CPS Project report given by Robin Moody.  She has 15 bags to deliver.
Wee Care :  We have several quilts to deliver from the quilt show.
1.  The Artisan Gift Shop in Goldthwaite now has fabrics, etc. from Serenity Quilts in Brady.
2.  Quilt Show Report:  Ruby Goodwin stated that 2 Wee Care quilts were sold during the quilt show & that the Chicken Quilt, donated by Shelia Smith, sold for $101.  This will go to makk=ing more wee care quilts.
3.  Vickie Mazurek gave a big thank you to everyone that brought food for the vendors. 
4.  Angela McCorkle presented the following report.  This was my last year as Quilt Show Chairperson.  Doniene Fulagar said she would co-chair the next show, as did Connie Hart.  The Donation quilt brought in $931, with a profit of $540.  She stated that she had emailed a full report to members.
The Route 66 quilts was not what we expected.  It cost the guild $172 to return the quilts.  In the future, more detailed information needs to be given before we do something like this.
Angela gave a report on comparing the 1st quilt show to this one.
Robin Moody said she would get the Donation quilt for 2016 going.  Shelia Smith & LaTrelle Locks said they would help.

1.  Sherri Marshall & Vickie Mazurek showed the kit to be given away at the June meeting.  This drawing is for members that have paid their dues for the coming year.
2.  The Donation Quilt for 2015 has been selected.  It is called “The Rancher’s Daughter”.  It is being done in red & white & will be a king sized quilt.
3.  The nominating committee gave their report.  It is as follows:  Joy Ivy will return as President; Millie Schwab will be vice president; Robin Moody will be co-vice president; Vickie Mazurek will be secretary.  They did not have anyone for treasurer; however, Shelia Smith said she would take the position.
4.  Richard Ivy made a suggestion to Joy & she presented it to the guild.  In the future, anyone wanting to get rid of quilt magazines or books; bring them along with 1 fat quarter per book to the show.  We will put them in the bags we give away.  Everyone seemed to be in  agreement to this.
5.  It was suggested & decided on to have a “fat 8th” exchange instead of a strip exchange starting next month.

1.  Becky Martin - Showed her finished row by row quilt, “Navajo Now”.  She is giving it to a good friend.
Also, she showed  a quilt made by members of her church group, “Quilter’s Garden”.
2.  Robin Moody -  Charlie’s bubble suit for her new grand baby.
3. Connie Hart -  Mom’s Wedding quilt.  Made by her great aunt, Julia Deen, in June 3, 1939.  She also showed an old pincushion she found in an antique shop.  While looking at it she saw that it belonged to her great aunt, Julia at one time.
4.  Joy Ivy – Placemats for a wedding gift.

Block of the Month for June was presented by Shelia Smith.  It is called a floating star pattern.

BOM was won by Norma Bessent.
Strips were won by Joy Ivy.
Door prizes were one by Sherri Marshall, Cindy Hadley, Millie Schwab, Elaine Anderson & LaTrelle Locks.

Joy Ivy thanked past officers for their service for the past year.
Meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by
LaTrelle Locks

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