Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 2014 Minutes

  June 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by guild president, Joy Ivy.
Roll was called; there were 20 members present and 1 visitor, Lana Webb of Zepher, Texas.

Meeting Minutes from the May meeting were read. Doniene Fullagar made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Jeanie Ortegon seconded the motion, motion carried.
Treasure’s report was presented, Doniene Fullagar made the motion to accept the report as written, Jeanie Ortegon seconded the motion, motion carried.

Sunshine report: Nancy Tubb’s husband had surgery yesterday. Marilyn DeHay has been sick.

Standing Committees Reports:
CPS  Project/ Nancy Tubb:     Shelia Smith brought 4 to be donated.
Wee Care Project/ Ruby Goodwin:   Norma Bessent and Shelia Smith donated I quilt each.

General Business:  
  1.   Joy Ivy announced San Saba Quilt Show will be held January 24, 2015 at the Civic      Center with more vendors this year.
  2 . Jewitt Fall Frolic Quilt Show is October 3 & 4 2014 and are they are offering group discounts. 
  3. Mildred Turner told about the Albany Fandangle Quilt Show.

New Business:
  1. Becky Martin presented a quilt made by the Brady Baptist Church quilt group, that was purchased for $400.00 and it was decided to use it for the donation quilt at our 2015 quilt show. The red and white quilt kit previously purchased for that purpose, will be used for our 2016 quilt show. Doniene Fullagar made the motion to accept, Jeanie Ortegon seconded the motion, motion carried.

   2. New committee chairman for 2014-2015 year are as follows: Greeters: Norma Bessent & Becky Martin, Wee Care Projects: Ruby Goodwin, CPS Project: Nancy Tubb, Sunshine Report: Sherry Benbow, Website: Sherri Marshall & Vickie Mazurek, Publicity: No one has volunteered at this time, Quilt Show Chairman: Doniene Fullagar.  Joy Ivy asked that everyone be willing to help with the 2015 quilt show.

Discussion on exchanges:  Instead of fat eights we will exchange fat quarters. Jeanie Ortegon will decide the colors.

Discussion on BOM:  This months BOM is the "Scrappy Churn Dash".
 BOM signup sheet for the 2014-2015 year was passed around.

Show And Tell:
   1. Mildred Turner – Showed a “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” made by Mrs. Turner for Mildred’s mother in 1987. It was recently given to Mildred.
   2. Lana Webb – Showed a quilted bedspread she made from fabric she had on hand, pattern unknown.
   3. Norma Bessent – Showed the self binding flannel quilt she made for Wee Care.
   4. Joy Ivy – Showed the “Floating Star” quilt she made for her granddaughter’s graduation gift.
   5. Doniene Fullagar – Showed a cosmetic bag a blogging friend gave her, she uses it to hold embroidery supplies.
   6. Debra Revay – Showed a baby quilt for her first grandchild called “Falling Charms”.
   7. Connie Hart – Showed quilt pieces made from a 1923 Sears and Roebuck catalog that was used for foundation piecing.
   8. Shelia Smith – Showed the quilt she made for Wee Care, her “Row by Row”, CPS bags and a quilt called “Jiggity Jog”.
    9. Patsy Oehrlein – Showed her “Row by Row”  which she made into a table runner.

Joy Ivy won the BOM drawing. Ruby Goodwin won the purchased quilt kit, a drawing for the members who have already paid this year’s dues.

Door prize winners: Mildred Turner, LaTrelle Locks, Norma Bessent, Connie Hart, and Patsy Oehrlien.

The drawing for last year’s row by row participants will take place at the July meeting.

Monthly Program: Millie Schwab presented, Hand Sewing 101. July’s program will be “Magic Binding”, presented by Robin Moody.

A card was presented to Joy Ivy as a thank you for her service as the president for the 2013-2014 year.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Secretary, Vickie Mazurek

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