Friday, November 21, 2014

Brown Bag Project

In September several members participated in the Brown Bag Exchange.
They were to bring a bag with fat quarters and exchange with another member. 
They had two months to make something from the fat quarters in the bag
and this month was the reveal! 
All the projects turned out beautiful and all of the recipients
were very pleased.  

Robin Moody created this for Becky Martin
Becky Martin made this table runner for Doniene Fullagar
Doniene Fullagar made this wall hanging and stuffed pumpkins for Vickie Mazurek
Vickie Mazurek made this table runner for Wanda Jackson
Wanda Jackson made this embroidered pillow and candle mat for Debra Revay
Debra Revay made this table runner for Robin Moody
Joy Ivy made these fabric bowls for Sherry Benbow
Sherry Benbow created this for Millie Schwab
Millie Schwab made this Thanksgiving table runner for Joy Ivy

This is one talented group of ladies!  Each of these projects is wonderful!

Every quilter has a masterpiece within.

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