Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 2015 Program

Doniene Fullagar presented the February program,
 "How to free motion quilt on your domestic machine"
 She started out by showing us how she gets her quilt ready to for FMQ.
She lays the big ones out on her floor, you can use a table or a design wall for smaller quilts. First she tapes the backing to the floor, then sprays it with 505 basting spray, then rolls her batting up and lays that on the backing, smoothing any wrinkles out as she unrolls it. Then she sprays the batting, and spreads her rolled up quilt top over the batting, smoothing out wrinkles as she unrolls it. The 505 basting sprays easily allows you to pull the fabric back up to readjust. She still puts a few safety pins through her quilt sandwich for added stability. 
 Here she shows some design marking techniques.
She has quilted many large quilts by rolling them as you see here starting in the middle and working her way out to each side.
 All her quilts are quilted on this straight stitch machine with the feed dogs down.
Doniene doesn't use quilting gloves, she quilts one block at a time moving up in rows pulling the quilt toward her. 

Everyone enjoyed the program and learned a lot.

Doniene provided a few of the websites she goes to for quilting design inspiration.
Lori Kennedy The Inbox Jaunt
Patsy Thompson Patsy Thompson Designs
and this book by  Harriet Hargrove for traditional quilting designs.

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