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July 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Brownwood Quilters’ Guild
Minutes ~ July 21, 2015

Call to Order

Guild President, Lana Webb, called the Brownwood Quilter's Guild meeting to order. Lana told members that she would make every effort to start meetings promptly at 9:30 AM.  She also stated that she would have an agenda for meetings and would try her best to stay on track and keep things moving.

 She reported that she had already received several suggestions and would try a few of them in today’s meeting.
            1) Have no roll call – just use the sign-in sheet for attendance.
            2)  Move the monthly program up to 10:00.  The agenda would be similar to:
                        9:30 – Call to order, minutes, treasurer’s report, standing committee reports
                        10:00 – Monthly Program
                        10:30 (10:45) – Complete the business meeting
                        11:45 – Adjourn
                  This would allow the person providing the program to have our full attention.  If the “speaker” was from out of town, it would seem courteous to have them higher in the             agenda.
            3) Another suggestion was to add pictures of members to the Guild’s Yearbook.  This would help new members – as well as some current members -- put faces with names.
            4) Giving members the option of making lap quilts for cancer patients, the elderly or veterans rather than babies.  After a brief discussion, the consensus seemed to be to give members the option.  It was decided to finalize this discussion at a later time.

A survey form was distributed today and is intended to give Lana a better idea of what the overall interests of members were and any suggestions they might have.

July birthdays were recognized: Happy birthday wishes to Sherry Benbow, Ruby Goodwin, Jo Ann Hurt, Patsy Oehrlein, and Lana Webb. 

Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

Lana explained what a “consent agenda” was:  agenda items that normally require no action other than approval.  These items can be lumped together and only one vote is needed to approve.  Corrections can be made if needed prior to the vote.  This month’s consent agenda included June meeting minutes and the treasurer’s report.
·        Last month's minutes were amended to reflect that the vote to purchase an AccuCutter did include the purchase of extra dies.  The motion also included a stipulation to spend $500 for the total purchase.     


At this point, the business meeting was suspended to enjoy the July program presented by  Millie Schwab.  She presented a hands-on demonstration about freezer paper applique and then displayed items that she has made using the freezer paper technique.  She also demonstrated a "waste knot".

Business Meeting (Continued)

Vickie Mazurek and Sherri Marshall were thanked for their work on the Guild’s website.  She encouraged members to visit the website often and encouraged them to read the minutes of the Guild meetings prior to the next meeting.  Minutes will not be read aloud at the meetings, but there will be a few hard copies available near the sign-in table.

There will also be copies of the monthly treasurer's report available for members who would like to have one.

Standing Committees

·        Robin Moody is our new Sunshine Chairman.
·        Biolanda Villalpando is our new Wee Care Chairman.
·        Our new CPS Chairman is Mildred Turner.
·        There has as yet been no appointment made to chair publicity.

Old Business

·        Angela McCorkle announced that the purchase of the AccuCutter and accessories has not yet been made.
·        Mille brought a display board that she had made.  There was a suggestion made that the Guild should purchase a tripod stand for the display board.  Connie Hart said she had one she would donate.

New Business

·        Lana is working on bylaws that will be distributed at a later date.  Vickie Mazurek will then post the bylaws on the Guild website.  LaTrelle Locks moved to table the bylaws until next month and Angela seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

·        Mail received during the month:
            * Becky Martin read the thank-you note that she wrote to the Guild following                                Alice Young's passing.
            * The Mills County Artisan Guild is hosting a "Red, White, and Blue" fabric sale                            during July.  For further information, call 325- 213-5275.
            * Lana presented a flier from a company selling racks similar to those we use at                          the Quilt Show as well as a Quilt Photography Studio Lighting Kit. 
                        *   The 44th Annual Hamilton County Festival will be held October 24, 2015, at                                         the Hamilton County Courthouse in Hamilton, Texas.  Our donation quilt                                        can be displayed there if we want to pay for a booth.

·        Connie presented a 2015/16 budget with hard copies available.  Judy moved the budget be approved as presented; the motion was seconded.  Motion carried. 

·        Connie noted that the actual donation from the proceeds of last year’s Donation Quilt had not been made do date.  She announced that the quilt brought $1,200 and after expenses netted $689.  After clarification, it was determined that 10% of the net would be donated to the Ark in Brownwood. 

·        The proceeds of June’s stash sale are to go to the Guild.

·        Judy Tiedemann asked that if there were any e-mail address additions or corrections to be made.  If any member has corrections, please let her know. 

·        A proposal to revive the Secret Sister program was put to a vote and was defeated.

·        Lana presented a Block of the Month called "Twisted Spool" and reminded Guild members that we need BOM volunteers. 

·        Penny auction items are to be handmade.  A sign-up sheet was passed around for volunteers to make items for this project so no one person had to be responsible for all months.

·        Millie suggested that the Guild should make some quilts specifically designated for breast cancer awareness – maybe instead of the baby quilts.  Lana said that we will discuss further criteria for donations at a later date. 

·        Guild’s Non-Profit Status – Lana distributed a page about the options available to the Guild regarding whether to become an official Not-for-Profit organization.  (See attached page.)  She and Donna Swanger visited with one CPA and then Lana visited with a second one.  A discussion was held about the options.  If we do not file for official non-profit status we have to avoid words like “raffle,” “fees,” or “dues.”  We accept “voluntary non-deductible contributions.”

                        To “join” the Brown County Extension Agency would cost the Guild members an                           additional $20 per year.  We would have to participate in several meetings, their                          annual fund raiser and provide monthly reports.  They reported that no financial                           reporting was required.  LaTrelle Locks moved that the Guild continue as                                          we've been doing.  Donna Swanger seconded the motion, and the motion                                    carried.

·        Annual Quilt Show – Lana distributed a ynopsis of the Quilt Show after reading the Show records and emails from past years.  She also provided a spreadsheet of the financial records from 2005-2014 and a copy of the projected budget Angela McCorkle provided for the 2015 Show which we did not have. 

Lana discussed the need for people to volunteer to plan the quilt show as well as work the weekend of the show.  In one survey, eighteen people had said they wanted to continue the quilt show but only two people signed up to help.  This brought up several questions:  Do we continue with the annual quilt show?  Do we reduce the quilt show to an exhibit?  Do we not have anything at all?  What are other venue options?

Lana stated that she had received a couple of suggestions if we don’t have a quilt show:  1) host an exhibit, 2) host one or two workshops open to the members and/or the community or 3) challenges similar to the recent one.

            After much overall discussion, Vickie Mazurek made the motion that there be no 2015     quilt show and discussion of down-sizing to an exhibit or some other option be      postponed until 2016; Donna Swanger seconded the motion.  The motion         carried.  Robin Moody suggested that some of the money in our bank account could be        for workshops that will benefit the Guild.

Show and Tell
·        Sherry Benbow displayed three Wee Care quilts.
·        Connie Hart shared a "Grandmother's Flower Garden" quilt that was hand pieced and hand quilted 25 to 30 years ago.
·        LaTrelle Locks showed a small heart quilt made and gifted to her for her birthday by Vickie Mazurek and an art/collage quilt of a deer that was inspired by Vickie.
·        Angela McCorkle displayed this year's summer retreat quilt project, "Nine Patch Curves" that participants will make when they meet at the Brazos Valley Retreat Center on August 21 - August 23.
·        Muriel Lamkin shared the quilt that she made for her niece's graduation, "Stars for Megan".
·        Lana Webb shared a bed skirt that she made, called "Starburst".

Door Prizes, Penny Auction, etc.
There were no drawings today.

The meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by Judy Tiedemann, Secretary
July................. Lana Webb
August............ Becky Martin
September.....  Robin Moody
October.......... Millie Schwab
November......  Connie Hart
December......  Judy Tiedemann
January..........  Mildred Turner
April...............  Vickie Mazurek

August…………  Millie & Lana
September…..  Angela McCorkle
October………. Connie Hansen
March…………   Becky Martin
April……………   LaTrelle Locks
June…………….  Robin Moody

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