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September 2015 Meeting Minutes

Brownwood Quilters’ Guild Minutes ~ 15 September 2015

President Lana Webb called the meeting to order with twenty Guild members and four visitors in attendance. 

Our visitors were:  Leah Anne West of Harrison, Arkansas
                              Nancy Caraway of DeLeon
                              Marianna Graves of Brownwood
                              Wanda Baker

Happy September birthday wishes go Sheila Smith.

The months of May 2016 and June 2016 are still empty spaces on the Block of the Month chart.  We need someone to sign up for these months. 

If anyone still has outstanding dues, please remit as soon as possible. 

A revised copy of the Guild membership list that will include Debra Revay will be made available. 
Last month's minutes are accepted today under the new consent agenda provision authorized in the July meeting.

Robin Moody is out today, there is no Sunshine Report submitted.

Biolanda Villapando reported that since January 2015, seventeen quilts and sixteen CPS bags made by Guild members have been donated to Margaret Carter's care.  Two Wee Care quilts and four CPS bags were given to Biolanda today.  There are more materials in the storage area available for us to make more quilts and CPS bags.  

There was a called meeting of the Brownwood Quilters’ Guild board of officers to discuss changes to be considered.  Among items taken into consideration were budget changes, including the program budget, workshop expenses, and unforeseen expenses, etc. 

The "Penny Auction" is now to be called "Program Auction".  Each member and guest in attendance will be given one complimentary ticket toward the Project Auction and door prizes.  Additional tickets may be purchased for $1.00 each if desired.  In fairness to all members who enter their names into the various drawings, it has been decided that each winner may claim one prize per meeting. 

Connie Hansen has reserved a space for the Comanche Pow Wow to display her quilts, etc., to sell. 
She offered to share her booth space with the Guild at no charge so that the Guild's Donation Quilt can be displayed and donation tickets can be sold, providing Guild members will be there to help with the Donation quilt.  She will set up the display and provide a worktable, as well as provide a clear plastic cover to protect the Quilt from dust and/or inclement weather.  Pow Wow dates are Saturday, 26 September and Sunday 27 September.     Vickie Mazurek volunteered for Saturday.  Judy Tiedemann volunteered for Sunday.  Lana Webb will see to it that donation tickets will be available to Connie prior to the Pow Wow.

Coleman's Fiesta de la Paloma will be from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p,m, on Saturday, 3 October 2015, with $30.00 being the fee for a half booth.  No Guild members volunteered to take the Donation Quilt to the Fiesta de la Paloma. 

Mildred Turner announced that she's been told that the Brownwood Kroger is going to expand, and since Millie Schwab knows the Kroger store manager, perhaps Millie can persuade the Kroger manager to display the Donation Quilt.  Angela McCorkle stated that there are stores in Waco that host quilt displays in their lobbies.

Patty Sage's Fabric Barn is going out of business.  She is selling fabric merchandise at $2.00 per yard.  Call before you go.

The Jewett, Texas, Quilt Show will be held October 2nd and 3rd.  Jewett is located between Waco and Tyler.

Marilyn DeHay announced that the Statewide Button Show will be held in Brownwood on 4 October 2015.  Members of the Guild are invited to attend this event.

In order to dispel any confusion, Lana explained that next year Muriel Lamkin, our current president-elect, will step into the position of Guild president.  In the meantime, there are no proposed changes to the Guild bylaws.  The bylaws as they stand were accepted by acclimation.

Robin Moody was scheduled to present today's program.  In her absence, Angela McCorkle demonstrated how to make a Missouri Star "Disappearing Four Patch" block.

Today's Program Auction winner was our guest from Arkansas, Leah West.

Door prizes were won by Angela McCorkle, Vickie Mazurek, Sherri Marshall, Mildred Turner, Connie Hansen, Debra Revay, and Jeannie Ortegon.

Lana Webb won the Fat Quarters exchange.  The color for October's Fat Quarter exchange will be gold.

Connie Hanson won seventeen Blocks of the Month. 

Lana Webb was gifted fourteen vintage Friendship quilt blocks, one of which was made and signed by her mother.

Debra Revay brought several quilt tops to show:  "Delectable Mountain", "Christmas Jelly Roll Race", "Round Robin", "Card Trick", "Prairie Points", and "Sampler".

Millie Schwab displayed eleven 1920s blocks that were gifted to her by Mrs. Jamison.  These vintage muslin blocks detailed coloring on cloth.

Connie Hart shared her hand-quilted "Addison's Quilt" and "Meg's Baby Blanket".

Angela McCorkle showed "Oh Christmas Tree" by Moda Bake Shop.  A free pattern for this design can be found at and at Angela's QuiltsWithAHeart.

Connie Hanson showed her version of "Dresdens and Doilies", a 2015 mystery quilt by Hoopsisters and a 2014 Hoopsisters mystery quilt, "Modern Baltimore", gifted to her mother.

Visitor Leah Ann West of Harrison, Arkansas, assisted by Becky Martin, showed "A Christmas Quilt" that she and Becky will have worked on together.  This patchwork quilt will become a gift for Leah Ann's daughter, Laura.

Becky Martin brought a donation quilt made by the Dorcas Quilt Ministry of the First Baptist Church of Brady, Texas.  This quilt, "Second Hand Clothes", made up of experienced clothing fabrics, will be going to go to a woman in Van, Texas, a tornado victim. 

Vickie Mazurek displayed her queen-size 2014 Block of the Month "Prairie Rose", Quiltville's "Grand Illusion", a "Sunbonnet Sue" that is to benefit the DeLeon Nursing Home, "Right Brain", "Left Brain", and a collage "Cross wall hanging".

Millie Schwab showed her handiwork in a hand-embroidered chicken design dishtowel that she is contributing to next month's Program Auction.

Judy Tiedemann modeled a terry cloth adult bib that can be made for the elderly or for hospital patients.  She provided paper bib patterns to distribute to Guild members. 

Mildred Turner thanked the members of the Guild for all of the prayers and best wishes for Hilton's recovery from cancer.  Hilton has been given a good post surgery prognosis and is on the road to recovery. 

Next month's program will be a workshop presented by professional artist Bobbie Lee Frier.  The technique of coloring fabric will be the subject of interest.  Pre-packaged fabric and supplies kits will be available for $20.00 each. 

Welcome to our new Guild member, Marianne Graves.  

The meeting was adjourned.  Our next Guild meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 20 October 2015. 

Respectfully submitted by Judy Tiedemann,

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