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October 2015 Meeting Minutes

Brownwood Quilters Guild Minutes ~ Tuesday 21 October 15

Guild President Lana Webb called the meeting to order with seventeen members and two guests, Kera Smith of May, Texas, and Charlene Cortez of Blanket, Texas, present.

*  Charlene Cortez is our newest Guild member as of today.  Welcome, Charlene!
*  Marianne Graves joined the Brownwood Quilter's Guild in September.  Welcome, Marianne!
*  Happy October birthday wishes are extended to  Connie Hansen, Vickie Mazurek, and Donna Swanger.
*  LaTrelle Locks' son, Cody Harris, was in a motorcycle wreck last week and is in the hospital.
*  Biolanda Villapando's husband has recently undergone surgery.
*  Both Mildred and Hilton Turner have been under the weather lately.

Robin Moody is not here today, so there is no Sunshine Report.

In Biolanda's absence, Lana noted that there have been 17 baby quilts and 26 CPS bags donated since June.  There is a stack of new items that have been brought in today, several of which were made by Doniene Fullagar.

Vickie Mazurek made the motion to accept the August Guild minutes and Treasurer's Report as per the Consent Agenda.  Connie Hart seconded the motion, and the motion passed.  

Lana Webb and treasurer Connie Hansen, by executive order, gave The Ark of Brownwood a donation check in the amount of $100.00.

Connie Hansen's booth in the 2015 Comanche Pow Wow hosted the Brownwood Quilt Guild's 2016 Donation Quilt on display.  Judy Tiedemann sold donation tickets Sunday, adding $23.00 to the donation fund.  

Lana Webb and Becky Martin went to Coleman's Fiesta de la Paloma with the donation quilt.  Joy Early joined them there.  This effort brought $78.00 in donations, and after deducting $30.00 for the booth fee, netted another $48.00 for the quilt's donation fund.  

Connie Hansen will be setting up her personal booth in Hamilton, Texas, on  Saturday 24 October 2015 UNLESS IT IS RAINING.  She will check to find out if there are plans to move the venue indoors in case of inclement weather.  If so, she will again share space for the Guild's donation quilt ticket sales. If not, she is not going to go to Hamilton.  Vickie Mazurek will go to Hamilton with Connie, barring rain.  

Twelve donation tickets and a picture of the 2016 donation quilt were affixed to a candy packet, and each member present today was given a packet.    Guild members are asked to please sell these  twelve tickets.  If needed, there are more tickets available.  Feel free to sell as many  of the donation tickets as possible.  Two of today's candies were marked "mystery";  Vickie Mazurek and Patsy Oherlein held the two marked candies and were awarded a candy bowl each.             

Lana explained that part of the proceeds from the Donation Quilts in years past have helped defray the cost of the quilt show in the Colisium.  We're not having a quilt show this year. Ruby Goodwin questioned what is going to be done with the seed money that we have on hand from our last quilt show. . Mildred Turner said that quilt proceeds have gone into programs for the Guild.  Lana said that we have not spent $100.00 so far this year, and that $100.00 was carried over from last year to this year, and we owed it out  Connie said that everything that has been spent so far this year has come out of money collected this year, not money out of the bank. We do have reserve money.  Lana's question is since we're not having a quilt show this year and our money was all lumped into the quilt show, could we give a little bit more to the charity issue than the 10% that we've done in the past?  2016's charity choice is Toys For Kids.  Vickie Mazurek made the
 motion that we give 75% after expenses to our charity of choice, seconded by Ruby Goodwin, motion carried by acclimation.  The seed money that is in reserve will still go to the next quilt.

Debra Revay has invested in a cutter and will share it with Guild members if it's used at her home.

Vita Weehunt's new shop, The Quilter's Hideout, is now open and is very nice.  Guild members, please support this venture and share the word.  The shop is located on the Early Highway and there is a little sign on the side of the road.

Vickie Mazurek will hold November's workshop, "Collage Quilts". Those planning to attend will need to bring: thread, sharp scissors for fussy cutting, an assortment of different flower fabrics, batting, backing, your sewing machine and a free motion foot or walking foot if you want to quilt it there. $10.00 workshop fee
Guild will provide Steam-a-Seam 2, background fabric, the foundation fabric. Plan to stay two to three hours. You might want to bring a lunch.
Look at collage examples on Vickie's blog, More Stars in Comanche
There is a sign-up sheet available. Vickie will send out an e-mail to those interested in this workshop. 

There are six vintage quilt tops displayed over the windows in the meeting room today:  Lana explained that these were found in a suitcase in a storage unit near Houston, Texas,  and are in excellent, clean condition.  They have been donated to the Guild.  What to do with them, (1) hand quilting workshop for kids or adults, (2) members buy them for individual use, (3) make available for a kids' project, (4) quilt them and sell them for a profit with the money to go to the Guild?  Vickie suggested that we keep at least one of the tops for us to use in our own handquilting bee workshop.  Mildred said that there is a lady in Rising Star, Texas, who hand quilts at a most reasonable price.  It was ultimately decided that they will be put away for the time being and the Guild will plan on an old fashioned quilting bee in the not too distant future
Millie Schwab presented the BOM "Whirling Geese".  

*  Connie Hart won the October Fat Quarters.
*  The Block of the Month went to Lana Webb.
*  Program auction items provided this month by Connie Hansen, went to Joy Ivy, Jeannie Ortegon, Ruby Goodwin, Debra Revay, Connie Hart, Mildred Turner, Millie Schwab, Bobbie Lee Fryer, Wanda Jackson, Kari Smith, Lana Webb and Judy Tiedemann.  

Millie Schwab will provide items for the November meeting's prizes.  
Lana Webb will demonstrate the November Block of the Month.  
Gold is to be the color of the November Fat Quarters.

*  Guest Kara Smith showed four baby quilts, among which were one with a quilted State of Texas emblem, and a baby quilt with the Tarleton logo.  Kara said that she is a self-taught quilter, having studied tutorials on Pinterest and on various blogs.
*  Millie Schwab presented her king quilt "Amish With a Twist", fashioned from a kit brought to her as a gift from her sweet OTR husband, Duane.
*  Connie Hart displayed "Black, White, and Red All Over" that she made for the 2016 Buckmasters Banquet.  This quilt has been machine quilted and will be auctioned at the banquet.
*  Judy Tiedemann brought baby bib patterns for distribution to Guild members.  These little bibs will go to Wee Care.  Judy also brought an adult sized bib/pattern for bibs that can be used in nursing homes.
*  Ruby Goodwin and her daughter went on their own "shop hop" in Llano, Texas. and brought bright Christmas fabrics to make the table runners that she shared with us today.  
*  Wanda Jackson's Bobbie Fryer/Mary Englebright Crayola quilt creation was done as a color class with Bobbie Fryer.  
*  Lana Webb showed "Boat Racers", a tee-shirt quilt that she made for the Drag Boat Association auction, the proceeds of which will go to rescues. Lana also showed two purses, also made from tee shirts.

The meeting was dismissed.  Following a break for lunch, some members met for a Crayola workshop held by Bobbie Lee Fryer.
The next Guild meeting will be held on the third Tuesday of November.

Respectfully submitted by Judy Tiedemann, Secretary

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