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November 2015 Meeting Minutes

Brownwood Quilters' Guild Meeting Minutes ~ Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Guild President Lana Webb called the meeting to order by welcoming new members Charlene Cortez, Marianne Graves, and Kara Smith, and extending November birthday wishes to Joy Early, Millie Schwab, and Doris Rice who has moved away. 
Our visitor today is Wanda Bates.

Last month's meeting minutes are available online.  Copies of the Treasurer's report are on the table by the sign-in sheet.  Angela McCorkle made the motion to accept these, Connie Hart seconded, and the motion carried. 
Due to bad weather, the donation quilt was not taken to Hamilton,Texas. Connie Hansen will take the quilt to the Mills County Artisans Guild and Craft Show in Goldthwaite, Texas next Saturday and asked that someone volunteer to come and handle selling the tickets; Mildred Turner volunteered to help. 

Sunshine Report
LaTrelle Locks' son-in-law was in a motorcycle accident recently and is reported to be doing much better now.
Lana asked that we keep member, Robin Moody and Robin's husband in our prayers. Both are dealing with illness.  

CPS Bags
Mildred Turner will take care of the CPS bags collected today and Lana will deliver the Wee Care quilts to Biolanda Villalpando so she can deliver them to the hospital.  

Because today's meeting and workshop will extend through the lunch hour, there will be pizza available for those who didn't bring a lunch today. 

Lana announced that the Program Auction (former Penney Auction) lasted too long last month thanks to the generosity of our volunteer prize makers who contributed so many items and caused the meeting to drag out.  From now on, there will be a limit of three to five prizes in the Program Auction to make the program more interesting.

Lana asked for suggestions for places to hang the Charity Quilt. The suggestion was made to hang it in Vita Weehunt's new shop, The Quilter's Hideout.  Another suggestion was Abilene's Swinson House. 

Angela McCorkle announced that Jenny Doan of The Missouri Quilt Company will be a guest of the Abilene Guild on Monday, 22 February 2016 for a workshop in conjunction with their meeting.  Angela has contacted Mrs. Doan asking if she would come to our meeting the following day. There has been no reply from Mrs. Doan as yet. Angela stated that Jenny will be in Abilene on 22 February 2016, the week after our Guild's regular meeting date, not the week of.  Angela suggested that we could change our meeting date. 

Lana announced that on January 30, 2016 there will  a shop hop in Waco, Texas.  The Saturday hours will be 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

Due to health issues, Robin Moody is stepping down from her responsibilities with the Fall Program, Block of the Month, and Program Auction prizes.  Millie Schwab  asked for volunteers  to step up to fill this void. Millie explained that there is a lot of planning involved, including arranging for guest speakers for special programs/workshops. Charlene Cortez is willing to discuss this with Millie.  Robin was scheduled to present a red and white Disappearing Nine Patch BOM in February.  Lana has one that is already made, it just needs to be presented. Sherri Marshall also volunteered to help when she can.

The December Guild meeting will just be a Christmas party. It will be on Tuesday, December 8th.  There will be a grand prize drawing....everyone is asked to bring four fat quarters. 

The quilt that Lana made for the racers and brought to Show and Tell last month was recently sold at auction for $5,890.00. She had also made five tote bags, one of which auctioned for $300.00, and a bed skirt that auctioned for $450,00.  A quilt that she and Mildred collaborated on two years ago sold for $6,300.00.

Connie Hart demonstrated the "Package Block" made in traditional Christmas colors. She Millie (?) suggested everyone bring 2 or 3 so whoever wins the blocks there would be enough to make a whole quilt.

Connie Hart won the fat quarters at today's meeting and Mildred Turner won the Block of the Month drawing.

Millie Schwab's inner form foam bag was won by Vickie Mazurek.  Millie will be teaching several classes at Vita Weehunts' quilt shop, "The Quilter's Hideout" on how to make these bags.

*  Charlene Cortez  ~  M&M purses crafted by Millie and pattern "Junk to Gems"
*  Judy Tiedemann  ~  Chair hanger and pattern "Western Wear"
*  Jeannie Ortegon  ~  Daffodil embroidered guest towel

*  Connie Hart displayed "My Big Kentucky Bag", "Caige's Baby Quilt", and a well preserved 1898 copy of "Portacelli Home Needlework", a ten-cent issue embroidery catalog that she got for $30.00 at a Coleman, Texas, auction..
*  Mildred Turner shared a quilt that she finished for an 84-year-old lady, a member of Mildred's. church group who will have been married 70 years in January 2016.. 
*  Kara Smith presented a quilt top that she has recently made.
*  Lana Webb first showed an antique china head doll dated 1915, then, along with a quilt that she started when she was five years old and was finished in the 1970s, she displayed a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt that  was hand-quilted by her mother. . 
*  Joy Ivy shared a UFO, her first attempt at hand quilting, and a finished Crayola quilt.
*  Vickie Mazurek presented a collage she made for her granddaughter's eighth grade graduation, along with her cross collage, deer collage and her commissioned Saint Bernard collage.
*  Muriel Lamkin showed the six donated CPS bags.

The meeting was adjourned by President Lana Webb, with Vickie's Collage Workshop to follow.
Respectfully submitted by Judy Tiedemann, Secretary

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