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March 2016 Meeting Minutes

Brownwood Quilters' Guild Minutes  ~ Tuesday, 15 March 2016
Guild President Lana Webb called the meeting to order with seventeen members and two guests present.
Today's guests were Jan Cate of Bangs, Texas, and Ann Turner of Early, Texas.
Since the Guild made a field trip in February, there were no February minutes recorded.  The Treasurer's Report, as contained in the consent agenda, was accepted by the motion made by Connie Hanson.  Hard copies of the treasurer's report are available at the sign-in table.
Lana reported that Robin Moody is visiting family in Florida and is in ill health there.  Hilton Turner's health is improving.  Thoughts and prayers are going out to Debra Revay. 

Twenty-eight quilts and blankets and twenty-six CPS bags were collected in 2015.  Biolanda Villalpando and Mildred Turner have turned in a total of fifty-four items to Wee Care. 

Connie Hart reported that the Brownwood Chamber of Commerce, Corks and Caps 2015 program coincided with the annual Brownwood Reunion, and they had about 500 guests in attendance. Corks and Caps is scheduled for 1 October, 2016.  It has been authorized that the Guild can hang quilts in all three rooms of the Depot on Friday for an all-day quilt show on Saturday.  The Chamber will not charge the Guild a fee and we can utilize their advertising.  This venture by the Guild could evolve into a city-wide quilt show where we could invite the public to judge the quilts on display. 
Further suggestions/thoughts regarding the Depot display:
*  a Guild information table
*  donation bucket by the door
*  Can we hang our donation quilt and sell tickets there?
*  We need to measure the rooms to determine how many of our quilts we can display
* invite the evening Guild members to join us there
*  Are there any empty storefronts where we would be allowed to display quilts around town?

Lana reported that she purchased Accucut dies for Guild members to access.  We now have a 5" square die, a 3 1/2" tumbler die, and a 4 1/2" die.
Lana received a newsletter from the Heart of Texas Childrens' Advocacy Group regarding items for their kids.  It was suggested that pillowcases would be a good thing to send to them.
We have collected $393.00 so far for the Donation Quilt plus whatever is turned in today.  This year, 75% of all monies collected will be turned over to the Toys For Kids program.  Lana asks that we consider whether or not the Guild wants to continue with the Donation Quilt program.
Mildred Turner will chair the selling of Donation Quilt tickets at the Brownwood Rattlesnake Round Up this coming weekend, 18-19 March 2016 in the Brownwood Coliseum.  The Round Up committee is asking for three volunteers to sell their tickets and tee shirts during the show.  Ruby Goodwin, Millie Schwab, and Lana Turner volunteered to help Mildred at the Donation Quilt table.
The drawing for our Donation Quilt had been scheduled for April 2016, but with the Corks and Caps opportunity coming up, Judy Tiedemann moved that the Donation Quilt drawing be postponed until after the Corks and Caps weekend.  Mildred Turner seconded the motion, and the motion passed.   The drawing will be held at a date to be announced.
The Donation Quilt will be displayed and tickets will be sold at the Hamilton, Texas, Spring Fling on 9 April 2016.
The Killeen, Texas, quilt show is scheduled for next weekend, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
San Saba, Texas, Quilt show will be 4 April.
A Ballenger, Texas, Shop Hop will be held next weekend.

No BOM will be presented today.  CPS bags will be our project for the April BOM.
Everyone is reminded to sign the Robin block today.
Connie Hart requested that due to the influx of new members, Guild roll call be reinstated so that we can meet and recognize old and new members as well as guests at each meeting. 

* Joy Ivy  --  foot pedal holder
* Jeannie Ortegon --  sewing machine mat
* Nita Franklin  --  sewing machine mat
* Patsy Oehrlein -- thermal mug
* Joy Ivy --  fat quarters
* Lana Turner  --  Block of the Month
*Jeannie Ortegon  -- framed quilt picture
* Joy Ivy  -- wall hanging made by Alice
* Lana Turner  -- china doll dressed by Millie Schwab
* Millie Schwab  -- "Come and Get It" baby quilt made for Kara Smith;  "Trip Around the World" quilt; 
   'Hot Dog" pillowcase
* Joy Ivy  -- table runners made for each of her daughters
* Mildred Turner  -- a quilt made by granddaughter Taylor;  tee-shirt quilt made from having taken
  Joy Ivy's tee-shirt class
*  Joy Early  -- quilt top she won at the June 2015 membership drawing
*  Connie Hart  --  Angela's mini cow block; "Cat and Mouse"; "Jim's Broken Hour Glass";  "Cabin
    on the Beach"
*  Ruby Goodwin  --  Barbara Spinks' table runner, a table runner quilted by Angela McCorkle; 
   "Bear Paw" quilt with topper, made out of 42 different plaids.  This won Third Place in the 2016
    quilt show held in Beaumont, Texas.  Angela McCorkle was awarded the "Best Free Arm Quilter"
    ribbon at this quilt show. 
    6843223.php#photo-9430339  If you want to see specifically Ruby's quilt, go to image #23 of 82.
*  Donna Swanger  -- "Before and After"

There are two months left in our fiscal Guild year.  Connie Hart will help Connie Hansen on the nomination committee.  They need two other people to volunteer to help them with this task. 
After the meeting was adjourned,   Millie Schwab demonstrated how to make a "Hot Dog" pillowcase.
Respectfully submitted by Judy Tiedemann, BQG Secretary

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