Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Class in San Angelo

 will be teaching a one day Intelliquilter class Oct 9th, 2016 in San Angelo, Texas. At the home/studio of Donna Thomas at 1602 Sun Valley Lane, San Angelo, Tx 76904. 

The class will cover no-sew zones, block repeats and editing, and any Q&A. Bring your questions!! There is a maximum of 12 students and a minimum of 6 for the class to be scheduled. As soon as there are 6 students (there are currently 3 scheduled) the class will be confirmed and deposits will be required to hold your spot in the class.
The students will determine how long the class continues. 
as long as there IQ questions she will continue the class.  She has taught as long as 12 hours.
The cost of the class per day per student is $75.00. The students will also be required to pay for her travel from California to Texas and back.  The cost will be split among the entire class.
IF there are enough requests for a second day of class ,18 plus students,  we may have a second day. If you participate in two days of class (if offered) it is a $75.00 per day, 2 days $150.00

 Instructor travel cost:
ie: flight $381.00  and shuttle $60.00 totaling $441.00/12 students =$36.75 per student, if there are less students it'll be slightly more. Once we have our minimum participants  Laura will actually book the flight and we will have an official cost we can split among participants.
There are Several local hotels within a few minutes of my home.You are required to make your own reservations,  Bring a buddy share a room. No hotel is more than 15 minutes from here in Angelo.
Meals will be determined by class participants, we can go out to local restaurants or have food delivered. To be determined at a later date.

The price variable should only a few (6) sign up is related to travel costs only. Once we have enough to commit and its time for me to commit to a ticket before prices rise, then a deposit would be required.
The deposit is $75.00, of which $50.00 is NON REFUNDABLE, but a credit would be issued for use on my pattern website (
I will make deposits payable to my website, so either paypal or credit cards could be used. 
Laura Lee Fritz-Paul

 Please feel free to contact either Laura or myself 
Donna Thomas at with questions, please also be aware of the two hour time difference between California and Texas.

I hope lots of IQ users will take Laura up on this wonderful Class, i am looking forward to it!! 
FYI: My studio is 20'x25' and is on the second floor and bathroom is on the first floor. plenty of parking space and is at the end of a quiet street...Sincerely, Donna Thomas

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